Club Members' Pages

Content provided by members of the club covering specific historical periods, niche interests and rules

Please use the various links below to access material that is created and maintained by club members.  

The pages in this section have been designed by Stephen B. All the major factions in the conflict are covered and the section is illustrated with figures from his own collection. Please click on the link above or the image to view these pages.

A series of articles by Neil W that looks at the selection, training and performance of the infantry of 21st Army Group

Principles of War for World War II

These articles by Tom, written in the summer and autumn of 2022, detail the approach he took in developing his Principles of War rules for Second World War actions.

Club founder Nick paid a sentimental visit back to his old wargaming haunts in the Czech Republic during this month and an account of his adventures can be found using the link above.

Neil C's ACW Project

In July 2023 Neil C started a massive solo gaming project at home using the board game "War Between the States 1861-65" for campaign moves and "Volley and Bayonet" rules for table-top battles. He is recording his adventures in a blog which you can find here

In December 2023, Tom kindly made available his wild west rules available for general use, for which many thanks. They have been used at the club on several occasions and have proved very popular games, in no small measure due to Tom's excellent figures and scenery. You can find the rules by clicking on the link above, or on the image.