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Dates you won't want to miss

Details of regular Sunday get-togethers, additional club days, local games and events in which we are taking part can be found on this page. We have two meeting locations - St. Ambrose Parish Hall, Leswell St., Kidderminster, Worcestershire, DY10 1RP and Holt Heath Village Hall, Holt, Worcestershire, WR6 6NE ( the location maps for both venues are on the home page). Each meeting place is available from 1:30 pm to around 7:00 pm.

Club Sundays 2022

Here are the dates and locations for 2022: -

July 17th - St Ambrose August 7th - Holt Heath

August 21st - St Ambrose September 4th - Holt Heath

September 18th - St Ambrose October 9th - Holt Heath

October 16th - St Ambrose November 6th - Holt Heath

November 20th - St Ambrose December 4th - Holt Heath

All the above dates are subject to change. All potential attendees are requested to check the Games at our Next Meeting page for any revisions to the schedule.

Local Games

Local games, outside of our Sunday gatherings, are held on a fairly regular basis throughout the year. As these events usually take place in gamers' homes, space is limited and invitation is restricted to club members (and their guests). Please refer to the instructions in the club group email if you would like to take part.

Shows and Events

Joy of Six July 2022

After a three year break, the Baccus organised Joy of Six show recommenced in its usual location at Sheffield Hallam University. Nick and Andy W from the club were assisting Per Broden with his 6mm recreation of the bloody Battle of Lund, fought in December 1676 between Sweden and Denmark and her allies. Although the display was not on the same scale as the massive Poltava table shown at Salute in 2021 it was still highly impressive and looked stunning. Several other members of the club attended the show and there were many fine tables to admire and lots of participation games. More photographs from the show can be seen in the Gallery.

Salute November 2021

Postponed from last year, the South London Warlords finally held the 2020 event on 13th November 2021. The show took place in a cavernous hall in the ExCel Centre, London Docklands, so there were plenty of empty spaces that gave the impression that the venue was less busy than usual. However, speaking to one of the organisers, I was told that attendance was between 4-5000 and well up to expectations. Apparently, though, a significant number of traders failed to turn up and some preferred to conduct business from the local pub than the hall itself (Too Fat Lardies).

The club display was situated right by the entrance so it was the first thing that attendees saw as they came into the hall. I say 'club' display but, as everybody knows, the brilliant recreation of the Battle of Poltava in 6mm is entirely the work of Per Broden. From the club, Nick, Darren, Bryan and Neil were there from the start to help Per get the table set up and there was also assistance from Dave B, Charles and Pete during the day. Per's display was the same demonstration game he presented at Joy of Six in 2019 (see below) and it looked just as good as it did then. We had lots of visitors to the table and everybody was kept busy chatting to them; they were all blown away by the detail, accuracy and visual impact of Per's work. I am delighted to report that, very deservedly, Per won the prize for the best display game at the show.

In the Gallery you can find more pictures of the Poltava game plus other games at the event. Per's wargaming blog 'Roll a One' is available here. Please also check out the 'Storm of Steel Wargaming' YouTube video of the event which contains interviews with Per and Nick.

WMMS Alumwell 8th March 2020

The West Midlands Military Show, held annually by the Alumwell Wargames Society, took place at its usual location of Aldersley Leisure Village, Wolverhampton on the second Sunday in March. The show is the largest wargames event in the West Midlands and attracts a large number of visitors, traders and displays. This year was no exception, and despite slightly fewer trader stands, attendance was good and there were many fine demonstration and participation games on offer. Photographs of most of the games can be found in the Gallery, here.

The club ran a participation game of "in Her Majesty's Name", Osprey's skirmish rules based on Victorian adventure, horror and science fiction writing. The scenario was a Martian invasion, fearlessly opposed by the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Doctor Jekyll (and Mister Hyde) and various resistance fighters. Ross supplied most of the figures and terrain and was ably assisted by Maurice, James, Pete, Graham and Nick. Lots of club members attended the show and many of them took part in the game during the day.

Wargamer 1st December 2019

After a gap of a couple of years, the Wargamer show resumed at a new venue, King Edward's Sheldon Heath Academy, Birmingham. The club's contribution was a re-run of the Lutzen game first displayed at Alumwell earlier this year, using Nick's Twilight of Divine Right rules and Bryan and Gordon's 6mm figures and terrain. Andy W, Ross and Neil were on hand to assist and there were also visits from club members Andy J, Paul, Dave B, Clive and Pete. We had a lot of good chats with visitors and hopefully we might see one or two of them at the club in the near future. There were over a dozen games on display (you can find photographs of most of them here), a small number of traders present and the show seemed to be reasonably well attended. The venue itself was a big improvement on the previous location in Halesowen and, with luck, this show can go on to become a regular, successful event.

Joy of Six 2019

The annual Baccus festival of 6mm wargaming was held at Sheffield Hallam University on 7th June. The club, in the shape of Nick and Andy W were assisting Per Broden with his immense recreation of the Battle of Poltava 1709, though, needless to say, the three of them spent so much time chatting to visitors that the game was hardly played. The show was well attended and the display generated a lot of attention and admiration - rightly so because, in my view, it was by far the most impressive at the show.

A word about the display itself - magnificent. The table was 18' x 6' and covered in a home made, one-piece mat. With the terrain placed on it the overall visual impact was stunning. The attention to detail was remarkable, from a beautiful representation of the town of Poltava, to the tiny figure of the wounded Swedish King being carried around the battlefield on a litter. To add to the spectacle, Per had chosen to represent all the units at battalion level, so the number of figures on the field was enormous. Truly a fantastic achievement and one done entirely single-handedly by Per, a real master of the 6mm art

More photographs of Poltava and other displays at the show can be found on the Gallery. The Baccus website is here and Per's "Roll a One" wargaming blog is here with more pictures from the show.

Barrage at Stafford 2019

The Stafford Wargames Club held their yearly "Barrage" Show on Sunday 7th July at Blessed William Howard School. The Wyre Foresters were represented by Graham, James, Maurice and Dave who put on a 20mm scale WWII amphibious landing game using a simplified version of the Combat HQ rules by Jim Bambra.

It looks like it was a busy show with lots of demonstration, participation and competition games taking place. There are more photographs of our game in the Gallery and of the other displays on the Stafford Club's website (here) and their Facebook page (here).