Principles of WWII Draft Rules and Army Lists

Tom has, very generously, allowed his rules to be placed on the website for all to see. If you have any comments on them please contact him via the group email

Introduction from Tom

At Alumwell (West Midlands Military Show, 12th March 2023) I was asked about the Principles of WWII rules I have been working on with Graham and Karl. I'm not looking to publish but I have attached a PDF of the draft rules for anyone interested. Any feedback would be gratefully received. 

To go with the rules I have done some army lists on Excel. These are designed to allow the players to enter a quantity against the units and will automatically calculate the army points and strengths etc. Again the rules and lists are draft work in progress so feedback and comments welcome.  

If you want to download the rules and army lists please use the button below.

Principles of World War II (15 March _2023).pdf