Tom's "Gunfighters, Gamblers and Villains of the Old West" rules

In December 2023, Tom kindly made available his wild west rules available for general use, for which many thanks. They have been used at the club on several occasions and have proved very popular games, in no small measure due to Tom's excellent figures and scenery.

A few words of introduction from Tom: -

As a Christmas present for 2023 I have made available my ‘Gunfighters, Gamblers & Villains of the Old West’ rules which I wrote in 1991 for Trevor Dixon of Dixons Miniatures who published them go with his range of Wild West figures. I have brought the rules up to date by adding optional rules to add things like non-player characters and hidden movement to add more variety to the game so everything is not just a straight up gunfight. The game is designed to be played with a standard set of playing cards and no dice.

If anyone has any questions I’m happy to receive feedback.

Wild West Rules 6th July23.pdf