Dave Chubb - A Tribute

This page is dedicated to the memory of Dave Chubb and features reminiscences from those who knew him and played wargames with him. The table-top photographs are from the very last game Dave ran at the club, a WWII desert battle using 'O' Group rules, which was played on 24th October 2021. He wrote an entertaining after action report of this game which can be found here.

Dave in his younger years (the photo was taken in 1991)

Dave appearing as a guest on the Random Reggae Show 24th April 2022. Dave had a friend who was the DJ for the radio station and took Dave along as a guest as he liked reggae, so he introduced some of the records

Members of the club were very saddened to learn of the death of Dave Chubb, who passed away on 18th October 2023. Dave was involved with Wyre Forest Gamers almost from the very beginning and he had a lasting and important influence on the nature and spirit of the club. Many members wished to pay tribute to his contribution by sharing their recollections of his enthusiasm for the hobby and his kindness to fellow gamers, which you can read below. The first is from club founder Nick D: -

Dave was one of the early members of the club and regularly attended until distance from the venues and ill health intervened. In the early days he lived in Kidderminster but perhaps 30 years ago he moved to near Ledbury in Herefordshire. Obviously this limited his attendance and in recent years this had been restricted even more by his growing ill health. In the years before Covid he continued to attend the club but only when his health and transport difficulties allowed.

Dave loved innovative games but always they were sociable and inspired by history. I am sure I am not the only one in the group that benefitted from his approach to games and his influence on the nature of the club is great, both in the games he ran and also in the cheerful way he always played and joined in all the games. Even when he personally had a gaming disaster it never dented his enthusiasm. 

He was involved in many memorable games but there is one that I remember most fondly and so will others. Even if they did not play them with Dave, they might remember them when they were run by others or in games inspired by Dave's idea. These were the Vietnam games that Dave ran at his house and at the club. In these all the players were Americans and he ran the Vietnamese. It was not 'competitive' and was more of an 'experience'. It did give you what felt like a great feeling of what it must have been like to fight in this war. The players' figures were on the table but usually not the Vietnamese. Often you could go the whole game and not see a single Vietnamese soldier, even the dead and wounded would be taken away by the survivors so we could not use them for a good 'body count'. Neither did you have any idea of 'what was out there'. It could be just a single sniper or indeed no one. Equally it could be a major assault formation with lots of support. You genuinely got very nervous playing the game. This was not helped by the rule that you could only talk to the other players in the game, about the game, if your personal figure was next to the other guys figure. Otherwise you recorded messages on a mini tape recorder, usually accompanied by Dave going bonkers doing 'sound effects', to the other players. It was total chaos, felt very realistic and was loads of fun.

I hope you have happy memories of Dave. If you do not then just take it from me that he was a large influence on the way the club is and he will be greatly missed.

From Stephen B: - I'm very sorry to hear that Dave has passed away. I remember first playing games with Dave about 40 years ago when I was a junior member of the club and he was always very patient with me. I remember many games since, at the club in its various venues as well as hosted by Dave, in his place out in Herefordshire and a long time ago in Kidderminster.

I remember mostly large English Civil War games in both 15 and 28mm. Memorable as social occasions as well as for the gaming itself, and for Dave's kindness and good humour.

We will miss him

From Andy J: - Sad news indeed, I didn’t know Dave well but really enjoyed the few games I played with him. A lovely chap. 

From Andy R: - This very sad news indeed. Here are some of my own memories of Dave: -


He hosted a really great Tunnels and Trolls RPG game at his house in Kidderminster in the late 80s. I remember that more of the game took place in the in local tavern than in the tunnels, Dave had a number of non-player characters set-up that we really enjoyed interacting with. As other people have said he was very passionate about the English Civil War and I fondly remember many great games in his attic. He also got me into Advanced Squad Leader and he and I played many games one to one at his house (that was such a great game, I wish I hadn’t lost my copy). I also remember fondly all the Saturday nights at the Ye Olde Seven Stars where he was a much loved regular.


I left Kidderminster around 1993 to build a career in London before returning in 2007.  Its really sad to lose Dave and I now bitterly regret not rebuilding the close bond I had with him back in late 80s early 90s.


Rest in peace, old friend.

From Andy S: - Dave was a really nice guy who gamed with another Dave (Cooper-Smith, if memory serves me right).

Just after the Falklands war my dad Bob and his gaming chum Stan did a two on two imaginations game, a Cold War invasion scenario over several sessions. They started with 1/3000 ships and then got all their 1/300 tanks out. It was played over several sessions and much fun was had. I can remember playing a game of Imperial Commander by Table Top Games and Dave spent time with me going over the units and rules and even as a youngster had a great time immersing myself in it. To have an old sweat take time for you is great when you're a younger person, 

From Graham B: -  Dave's death came as a terrible shock. I had only been exchanging texts with him on the day before about my 10mm scenery, all of which made it harder to cope with.

I had known Dave for 15 years or more, indeed it was by playing board games with him that my interest in 'proper' wargaming was ignited (I think Nick had something to do with this cunning plan) and I have not looked back since. Over those years I played many a game with Dave, and as others have said, he was always kind and considerete, even when he was taking you to pieces on the battlefield.....I was lucky enough to play many a Zoom game during the lockdown too.

Recently he became too ill for me to get him to the club, or even for a quick game and lunch at the Trumpet. 

From Dave M (Dave was a member of the club for several years before moving to Scotland and knew Dave Chubb well): - That is sad news. Dave was struggling with his health when I was an active member of the club, but when he did get along to games he was always a charming and knowledgeable player. My sympathies to his family.