Games Summary 2022

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Wyre Forest Gamers Summary of Games 2022

The information below relates to games played on club Sundays in 2022. There were twenty-three meetings at Holt and St Ambrose and a total of 121 games were played, an average of 5.2 games per session. There were 344 attendees for the whole year, an average of 15 members per meeting.

Game Popularity by Scale

Game Popularity by Rules

Comparison to 2021

The proportion of games played with 28mm figures remained virtually the same as last year but the percentage of 15mm games went up significantly, from 22% to 34%. There was a big drop in the popularity of Too Fat Lardies' rules. In terms of period, although WW2 remained the most popular, there were big increases in Ancient, Modern and Fantasy games.