Games Summary 2021

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Wyre Forest Gamers Summary of Games 2021

The information below relates to games played at various locations at club events in 2021. Because of the lockdown, club gaming did not commence until May. Nevertheless, we managed to play 71 games in the remaining months, an increase of nearly 13% on the previous year.

Game Popularity by Scale

Game Popularity by Rules

Comparison to 2020

28mm remains the most popular scale, although there were significant increases in the percentage of games played in 15mm and 10mm. The Second World War period rose in popularity (mainly due to the arrival of the 'O' Group rules) and there was an increase in the number of Ancient games played. However, there was a sizeable drop in games set in the 18th and 19th Century.

The games that only made a single appearance at the club in 2021 were: -

Absolute Emperor, Blood & Plunder, Britannia, Core Space, Dux Bellorum, Et Sans Resultat, Furioso, General Quarters, In Her Majesty's Name, Infamy!, Infamy, Kings of War, Lasalle, Loose Files & American Scramble, Maurice, Mit Blut und Eisen, Patrols in the Sudan, Principles of War, Tiller & Whipstaff.