Twilight of Divine Right: Resources

On this page you will find information on the Twilight of Divine Right rules. At the moment this consists of a list of the commanders ratings used in the scenarios and errata for the scenario books. More material will be added later.

Commander Ratings: Click here for the Commander Ratings

ECW Scenario Errata: Click here for the ECW Scenario Errata

TYW Scenario Errata: Click here for the TYW Scenario Errata

Random Army Generators: Click here for the Scottish Battles 1644-50

Eastern Troop Types: Draft version of rules for Eastern troop types (Poles, Ottomans, etc) - Click here for Eastern Warfare

Errata, Clarifications and FAQ's: Click here for the FAQ's


The rules and scenario books are published by the Pike and Shot Society. Their website is here: Pike and Shot Society

Yahoo Group: Twilight of the Sun King Yahoo Group.

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