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Tom P Christmas Painting Projects December 2023

Harry Asiatic and European Sipahis in 15mm December 2023

1812 Twilight of the Emperor December 2023

Howard Gauls December 2023

Club Sunday 10th December 2023

My thanks to Harry for contributions to the Sword and Spear pictures

Andy GPT Ancient Germans December 2023

Club Sunday 3rd December 2023

Ewan Warhammer 40K November 2023

Harry 10mm Parthian Camelphracts November 2023

Tom Colonial Aircraft November 2023

Club Sunday 19th November 2023

Bryan Et Sans Resultat Game November 2023

Stuart S Additional Hail Caesar Photographs from 5th November

Club Sunday 5th November 2023

Neil C ACW Project November 2023

Nick's Trip to Prague October 2023 - Game 2

Nick's Trip to Prague October 2023 - Game 1

Ewan Additional Chain of Command Photos from 15th October

Club Sunday 15th October 2023

Club Sunday 8th October 2023

Tom P Middle Eastern Terrain Project October 2023

Neil C ACW Project October 2023

Wargamer, Streetly Birmingham, 1st October 2023

Stuart S Silver Bayonet September 2023

Club Sunday 17th September 2023

Newbury "Colours" 9th September 2023

Andy GPT US Cold War Special Military Ops September 2023

Neil C American Civil War Project September 2023

Club Sunday 3rd September 2023

Bryan Et Sans Resultat 1812 August 2023

Club Sunday 20th August 2023

Ewan 10mm Modern August 2023

Tom Birthday Painting Project August 2023

Club Sunday 6th August 2023

Stuart S Pony Wars July 2023

Club Sunday 16th July 2023 

Harry Practice DBMM Game July 2023  (notes below from Harry)

Greek cavalry and Companions on the Macedonian right were hard pressed by swarms of Paphlagonian and Persian horse but eventually broke through the morass and rode down the Persian commander. Alexander anchored his left flank on a marsh to protect against envelopment, and here his Thessalians were subjected to wave after wave of Persian cavalry and Satrapal Guard supported by hoplites. All pretty much bounced off however, and eventually the Persian commander on this flank also got himself killed. Darius' foot guard did good work in dispersing the Macedonian prodromoi with archery and were then subjected to repeated charges by Alexander and his companions in an attempt to break them.

This was eventually done but it was a damn close run thing. In the centre both Greek and Persian hoplites more than held their own against the dreaded phalanx but did not have the hitting power to make the breakthrough the Persians so sorely needed. With the dispersal of his apple bearers Darius, unusually the only Persian commander left on the field, decided to call it a day.

Actually a very decent and interesting set of rules. My main quibble is that the flexible movement system makes it rather too easy to find an enemy flank. 

Bryan Et Sans Resultat Game 12th July 2023

Andy GPT AK47

Neil C Various Projects

Club Sunday 2nd July 2023

Club Sunday 18th June 2023

Stuart S Renaissance 28mm and Pony Wars 6mm

Club Sunday 4th June 2023

Paul B Evesham Lardies' Day 3rd June 2023

Club Sunday 21st May 2023

Thanks to Ewan for additional photos of his Battlegroup NORTHAG game

Partizan Newark 21st May 2023

Howard Cruel Seas May 2023

Ewan Battlegroup NORTHAG May 2023

Vlad Goblin Giant May 2023

Andy GPT Cold War Armour May 2023

Club Sunday 7th May 2023

Bryan Crossfire 1st May 2023

Club Sunday 16th April 2023

Harry Medieval Knights and Cannon April 2023

Club Sunday 2nd April 2023

Club Sunday 19th March 2023

Vlad 1:700 Napoleonic Naval March 2023

Peet and Vlad Stalingrad Display at Alumwell 12th March 2023

WMMS Alumwell Show Wolverhampton 12th March 2023

Andy GPT Seven Days to the River Rhine March 2023

Club Sunday 5th March 2023

My thanks to Stephen and Stuart for contributions

Dave K and Harry at Hammerhead 4th March 2023

My thanks to Harry for the photos

Pete at Hammerhead 4th March 2023

Thanks to Pete for the pictures below

Tom Christmas Painting Project March 2023

Club Sunday 19th February 2023

My thanks to Stuart for providing additional pictures of the LRDG game (credited below)

Various Projects February 2023

Club Sunday 5th February 2023

Find, Fix and Strike WWII Naval February 2023

More January 2023 Projects

Club Sunday 22nd January 2023

O Group Normandy Campaign Game 3 January 2023

Bryan 28mm Norman Castle January 2023

Club Sunday 8th January 2023

Members' Various Projects January 2023