Gallery 2020-2021

Archive photographs from the club Yahoo group can  be found using the link here

Photographs of events that took place in 2019 are available here

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The Battle of Klyastitsy 1812, December 2021

Tom, Russian Colonials vs Boxers, December 2021

Club Sunday 5th December 2021

Tom, Russo-Turkish War November 2021

Harry, Border Horse and Demi Lancers November 2021

Andy GPT Gendarmes November 2021

Peet, Stalingrad Terrain November 2021

Tom, Uncharted Seas Napoleonic Naval November 2021

Tom, AK47 November 2021

Club Sunday 21st November 2021

Salute 13th November 2021

Harry - more Tudors November 21

Andy GPT - more Landsknechts November 21

Club Sunday 7th November 2021

Tom, another Principles of War Napoeonic Battle, 29 October 2021

Furioso Projects October 2021 - Andy GPT, Harry and Pete

Club Sunday 24th October 2021

Tom Principles of War Napoleonics 21st October

Andy GPT Landsknecht Project October 2021

Club Sunday 10th October 2021

Harry's Tudor English 4th October 2021

Tom - Core Space/Northstar Figures 26th September 2021

Club Sunday Games 19th September 2021

Tom Core Space 10th September 2021

Club Sunday Games 5th September 2021

Sharp Practice August 2021, Prussians vs French

Tom and Graham play Combat HQ August 2021

Club Sunday games, 15th August 2021

Gordon's Scanian War ships, early August 2021

A few snaps from Gordon of his latest acquisitions from Barry Hilton's new range. 

Tom's Games, late July - early August 2021

Club Sunday, 1st August 2021

I am grateful to Stephen and Pete for some of the images in this section

Tom and Sue play Core Space - Collect the Goods July 2021

Club Sunday 25th July 2021

Tom and Graham play 'O' Group - 22nd July 2021

Club Sunday 18th July 2021

Games featuring Tom's figures - July 2021

Club Sunday 11th July 2021

Tom, Principles of War 19th Century - July 2021

 Tom's Games, week of 28th June 2021

Club Games 22nd - 27th June 2021

Tom's weekend painting project 19th - 20th June 2021

Tom painted up some Cursed City Ogres to join my Kings of War Ogres Army on this weekend. Also, as a trial he bought a few 3d printed figures from Etsy to see what they were like. They comprised of 3d printed Sci-Fi figures for the Core Space collection and 3d Printed Space Teddies (Ewoks) for Sue. They look pretty good, Tom.

Club games 13th - 20th June 2021

Club Sunday 6th June 2021

In addition to the club games played on the day, this section also includes a Wild West game played between Tom and Karl shortly after. Tom describes it as a "a highly amusing gunfight with two professional gunfighters quickly finishing off the plebs then spending several turns shooting at each other for several turns at close range without hitting anything". Sounds familiar?

Tom, Principles of War, Austro-Prussian War 1866 (June 2021)

Club Sunday 30th May 2021

Club Sunday 23rd May 2021

Lockdown Gallery II

Sunday Game 1st November 2020

Sunday Game 25th October 2020

Sunday Games 18th October 2020

Sunday Games 11th October 2020

Sunday Games 27th September 2020

This was the first of our "Rule of Six" events where games took place in more than one location.

A Battle in the Mahdist War

The following photographs are from a game played at Clive's house on 20th September 2020, featuring his own splendid 28mm figures, models and terrain. 

Club Sunday 13th September 2020

Club Sunday 23rd August 2020

Club Sunday 9th August 2020

Club Sunday 26th July 2020

Club Sunday 12th July 2020

Lockdown Gallery 

Club Sunday 15th March 2020

West Midlands Military Show 8th March 2020

Club Sunday 16th February 2020

Club Sunday 26th January 2020

Club Sunday 5th January 2020