The Last Bridge Campaign

A Chain of Command Second World War Eastern Front campaign devised by Ian Nicholas

Below you will find an overview of the campaign, individual battle scenarios, briefing documents for each side and campaign trackers

This campaign was played over several months in 2019 and and after action reports of the various scenarios can be viewed here.


The Last Bridge

This Campaign is taken from the one in the official TFL supplement Crossroads, Closing the Gap by Matthew Bona…and transferred to the Russian Front. While the original narrative was representing the events surrounding the Falaise Gap debacle in France, this Campaign represents one of very many similar events that were occurring on the Eastern Front as the Russians vigorously pursued their drive towards Germany and Berlin.

As such, to maintain the scenario balance of the original, this Campaign is a fictional setting but set around the same time frame of 1944 on the Eastern Front, when the Russian offensive through Belarus was finally running out of steam through an overstretched supply line. One can be assured however, that it provides a good simulation of the difficulties typically faced by the opposing forces in such a tactical situation. I have modified various criteria in the original narrative to cater for the very different topography in the East, but the overall Campaign ‘balance’ remains as in the original.

The Campaign focus is a bridge in the town district of Povynka, considered vital because it is the only one in the area capable of bearing the retreating German armour over the Neriza river.

Campaign Flow – ‘Ladder’ Progression

ORANGE Phase 1

The first four scenario games represent the overstretched Russian forces racing forward to cut off and trap the retreating Germans. For their part the German forces are trying to fall back in good order maintaining a cohesive front and buying time for their forces to get across the river.

These games will be each played once in succession regardless of the win/lose outcome of the one preceding it. The Russians will be the Attacker in each.

The manpower for both sides is stretched thin for this phase due to the speed of advance and retreat. Losses are tracked as per the standard Campaign matrix.

The Russians have the support of a Heavy Tank Platoon for these initial games before they are moved on for needs elsewhere. These are four JSII’s, and once KO’d (must be tracked) they are lost as a support option.

Other armour in the shape of T34/85’s is more readily available but due to the speed of the Russian advance, there is also a maximum of 15 (must be tracked) of these available for the ENTIRE Campaign.

Whilst the Russians are well supported by Air and Artillery, these options are not available in the first phase as they struggle to keep up with the rapidly advancing ‘front line’.

The Germans pick up ad-hoc support from retreating armoured formations but have no Air or Artillery support to call on

GREEN Phase 2

The second phase uses three scenario games to represent a desperate German counter-attack against the overstretched Russians.

The original German Infantry Platoon is replaced in this second phase with Panzergrenadier elements ‘cobbled’ together. However, this makeshift Platoon has very few of the Panzerschreck/Panzerfaust weapons and must try to ‘scrounge them from other retreating formations (buy off the List).

The ATTACKER in the fifth game is the Germans and they can choose any of the three Green Phase 2 scenarios

The attacker in subsequent games is determined by the winner of the previous game. No scenario can be played twice in succession…each game played must be different to the previous one!

For this phase the Russians get a limited manpower replacement but must continue to resist the German counter-attack to the end of the Campaign with the same core Platoon. They do however have support options in the form of ad-hoc infantry squads that have moved up and can be utilised.

Any Russian Heavy Tanks that have survived CANNOT be used in this second Green phase. They are being used elsewhere.


Casualties are accumulated and recovered according to the standard ‘At the Sharp End’ supplement

At the start of Phase two (Green) the Germans start with a fresh Panzergrenadier Platoon

The Russians get a limited casualty replacement… (Dead + CO rating) / 4 … PLUS Die 6

Losses due to Aerial attack (if chosen as Russian Support option) in Phase 2 (Green)

Choose random German ‘Core’ Squad… Throw Die 6

1-3 Squad misses game (Lost!)

4-5 Random Team misses game

6 No effect


The German forces are under enormous morale-sapping pressure trying to keep the route for the retreating Army open. The whole defence line could unravel at any time. The ‘Resolve’ of the Germans is determined by an independent Tracker that is used at the start of Phase Two (Green).

If at the end of any game the Tracker reaches ZERO, the German resolve breaks and the Campaign is over.

The starting point is TEN +/- the effects of the first four games (Orange phase)

Each German Victory on games 1-4 +1

Each Russian Victory on games 1-4 -1

Each Russian Tank or ‘core’ squad getting off-table (i.e. break-through) in game -1

Each Russian Tank Destroyed +1

The German Tank* Destroyed in Game 3 -2

The Germans held the Bridge in Game 4 +1

The Russians captured the Bridge in Game 4 -1

For Phase Two (Green) the German resolve can never get higher than this starting point!

At the end of each subsequent game determine the difference in Force Morale

Apply half the +/- difference (round down)

Apply +/- 1 for whoever has captured the TOWER


The Russians WIN if at any time they can reduce the German ‘RESOLVE’ to zero

The Germans WIN if they can survive FIVE Phase 2 games without their ‘RESOLVE’ reaching zero

If either side can WIN three consecutive Phase 2 (Green) games, they immediately WIN the overall Campaign.


Ultimately the Russians do overwhelm the defence line but this Campaign is about whether the Germans can hold on long enough to save valuable men & material for “another day”!


The German front in the East has collapsed. With the last major counter-attack being a disaster, our troops have been forced back and are becoming encircled. The Russians have Air Superiority and the relentless attacks are making even movement difficult.

The town of Povynka provides one of the only Bridges over the Neriza river capable of supporting our Panzers. We must hold this way open so that our forces can cross and regroup. It is rumoured that a general withdrawal to all German forces is to be issued and we can expect men and materials to be passing through very soon

As two of the few Officers available, you are charged with the defence of Povynka and keeping the Bridge over the river and the escape route out of town open. The Russians are close and will be determined to close the way. The longer you can hold, the more men and machines that will escape to reorganise at the rendezvous point further West.

Once the evacuating forces begin crossing the Bridge, Panzers and Grenadiers of the 95th Division may be called upon to help. Other units passing through may also assist in bolstering your numbers. Whilst your defences are good, you are outnumbered and running out of equipment

You can expect a ferocious battle with your backs ‘against the wall’ but failure will be unforgivable.

At Campaign start (from the ‘At the Sharp End’ Campaign Supplement)

Your Men’s “outlook” is: NORMAL – 0 (but they are worried and looking to you for guidance)

Your own “outlook” is: NORMAL – 0 (TBD after third game)

Your CO’s “outlook” is: N/A (the Command structure has all but disappeared

German Forces

Each of the German players start the Campaign with an Infantry Platoon of three Squads at full strength, to give a total of 33 men in each.

There are limited Support options available, which is determined by the scenario and Campaign situation prevailing at the time.

German Table of Organisation and Equipment



The net cast by the Russian offensive is closing in around the Germans who are quickly becoming trapped. The Germans are on the ‘back foot’ with a complete rout ‘at hand’. You are part of this operation and in the drive towards the Oder you must first cross a river in the town of Povynka which has one of the few Bridges over it capable of taking the weight of a tank.

This Bridge is one of the last escape routes left to the retreating Germans in this area. You are tasked with capturing the town and its bridge to deny it’s use to the enemy. We know the enemy is there keeping the way open and will clearly be trying to keep it that way.

We have Air Superiority and more Artillery is being brought up. We are to go in, clear the town and there wait for the rest of the Divisional Support to come up.

As Platoon Leaders of the 257th Infantry Regiment, you are to probe towards Povynka, pushing the enemy out of the town and moving on to secure the Bridge. You know this bridge is of vital importance.

While you have been involved in heavy fighting recently, the progress made has kept the men’s morale up. You are well provisioned but with the line stretched thin you know you will not have any immediate replacements. You can expect some support, mainly in the form of the T34’s from the Brigades tank compliment. The Artillery should be in position soon but as the weather is promised to turn for the worse, the Air support may not always be available.

At Campaign start (from the ‘At the Sharp End’ Campaign Supplement)

Your Men’s “outlook” is: NORMAL – 0 (but they are looking to you for continued success)

Your own “outlook” is: NORMAL – 0 (TBD after third game)

Your CO’s “outlook” is: NORMAL – 0 (no opinion, good or bad)

Russian Forces

At the start of the Campaign, each of the Russian players start the with a reinforced Infantry Platoon of four Squads at full strength, to give a total of 41 men in each.

There are limited Support options available, which is determined by the scenario and Campaign situation prevailing at the time.

Russian Table of Organisation and Equipment


Orange Scenario 1

Scenario Orange One
Scenario 1 Page 2

Orange Scenario 2

Scenario orange 2 - Kclub.pdf

Orange Scenario 3

Scenario orange 3 - Kclub.pdf

Orange Scenario 4

Scenario orange 4 - Kclub.pdf

Green Scenarios

The Second Stage represents the chaotic fighting for control of the area around the Bridge and Town. It starts with a German attack on one of these tables (you will have to make do with old fashioned drawings!) of their choice. The winner of this encounter will choose one of the other tables to be the Attacker in, for the following game. The winner of that game will be the Attacker on the last table.

The allocation of Support Points will vary depending on the situation that the battle takes place in (I know what the point permutations are but you don't at this stage).

Support choices are from the Black and Green selections only, the Orange stuff has moved off elsewhere.

Now it would be a really good idea if you have full understanding around how your side is going to win the Campaign...or maybe more importantly, how you can suddenly lose it! I will have no sympathy with you if you are shocked at the end of a game when I tell you have just lost.

From here on in, the important thing to be watching is the DIFFERENCE of Force Morale between the two sides at the end of each or lose!!!

The final FM of the Russian Platoons will be added together, as will those of the Germans and compared. If the Russian score is higher, the difference will be taken off the German "RESOLVE" tally. If the German score is higher it will be added to the "RESOLVE" tally...except it can never go above 16...which is the starting point they have managed to achieve in the Campaigns first stage.

IF AT THE END OF ANY GAME THE GERMAN RESOLVE TABLE REACHES ZERO, the Campaign is over. The Russians have won.

Now however, if either side WIN all the three games above...they automatically win the Campaign regardless of the Resolve tally.

If at the end of those three games and there still isn't a clear winner..two more games will be played (using the same table layouts above). If the Germans SURVIVE these without their Resolve tally reaching zero...THEY HAVE WON THE CAMPAIGN.

NOTE: Winning the 'Tower' scenario will give that side an adjustment on the Resolve tally of +/-1. This is the only influence outside of the Force Morale difference.