Battle of Lutzen 1632

For the WMMS games show of 2019 the club did a recreation of the battle of Lutzen, 1632. The game was in 6mm and using the Twilight of Divine Right rules for large battles of the era. On this page is a brief report on the game and some photos of it

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Set Up

Here are some shots of the initial set up of the game. The Swedes deployed conventionally with two cavalry wings and an infantry centre. The Right Wing are the Swedish cavalry under the famous Swedish king, Gustavus Adolphus, who was killed in this battle. On the other flank was the German and other cavalry.

The Imperialists under Wallenstein were outnumbered and so took up a defensive posture. Their left flank was covered by a stream while on their right was the town and fortress of Lutzen occupied by them. Across their front was a sunken road. The Imperialists also deployed with their infantry flanked by cavalry wings but with those wings angled back to protect the vulnerable flanks. At the start of the battle part of the army, under Pappenheim, is not on table but they will arrive during the game.

The Swedes


The Plans and Opening Moves

In the real battle the Swedes launched a general assault across the whole front but in our refight the players had different ideas. The Swedish player did not want to try and attack on his left where there was little space around Lutzen. Therefore the player planned to switch the German cavalry of his left wing to the right and launch his main attack there and in the centre. On the left he would defend and guard the flank of the centre.In response to this the Imperialist player decided to launch an attack of his own on the now weak Swedish left.

Here are some shots of the opening moves.

The Mid Game

As the two sides plans unfold the armies clash.

The Crisis of the Battle

As the battle developed the Swedish thrust on their right had some success but could not break through. Meanwhile on the left the Imperialists made a hole in the line and when Pappenheim arrived he was committed here. The Impreialists moved into the flank of the centre as the remaining units of the Swedish left struggled for survival.

The End

It did not take long for the end to come. The Swedes were nearly surrounded when the morale of the Swedish army collapsed and the battle was over. The Imperialists had managed to reverse the result of history. They had also managed to keep one of the senior commanders alive. Pappenheim had been killed in the real battle and nearly was in the refight. In one of the last few turns it looked like history was going to be repeated when he was nearly killed. On this occasion luck was with him and he survived. The Swedes had lost and would have to regroup to fight another day. Yet there was a silver lining as this time the Swedish king had survived the battle and surely a commander like him could reverse the situation.....

The last photos show the situation at the end of the battle. Some of the Swedish cavalry are routing off the table, dodging the Imperialist units which have nearly cut them off.

I hope you have enjoyed the photos of the battle. It was a good game, interrupted by many great chats with visitors to the show.

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