Club Sunday Game Reports

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15th March 2020

The Coronavirus crisis had a substantial impact on attendance this month as many members who had previously committed to a game were unable to make it. Even so, seven contests took place with 17 gamers involved in them, here are the reports: -

Chain of Command Campaign Game - British vs Germans

In the first game in the 2020 Chain of Command ladder campaign season, Dave B led a platoon of British infantrymen against a similar German force commanded by Andy R. The scale was 28mm, Dave was using his own figures, Ian provided the German figures and also the terrain. An early deployment error put the Germans on the back foot throughout the battle and left them unable to stop the British pushing through the centre, overrunning a JoP (Jump off Point) along the way. First blood to the Brits.

Chain of Command Campaign Game - Soviets vs Germans

The second campaign game saw Bill leading a group of Soviet naval troops against a defending German force under the control of Thom. Bill supplied all the troops and terrain used in this 28 mm encounter. The Russians pushed up the left flank in force and managed to break through the German defence despite losing their Armoured Car support. Victory went to the Soviets because they managed to get one team off the German table edge.

Ian organised the campaign, provided material and also acted as umpire for both games. For more information on the campaign, the organisational details are here and the campaign tracker can be found here.

Wings of War Aerial Combat in WWI

Ross and Phil indulged in several games of Wings of War, the popular aerial combat game first published back in 2004. The scenario involved a British Handley-Page bomber being harassed by a variety of German fighters. The two flying aces eventually got bored of dueling in the clouds and started playing "Magic - The Gathering", about which I have no comment to make whatsoever.

Modern Afghanistan

This was a 28mm game with all figures and terrain provided by Tom. The rules used were "Enduring Freedom - Afghanistan 2001-2010, designed by Ambush Alley Games and the adapted scenario involved British forces facing the Taliban. Tom's opponent was Carl and they were able to get two games played in the course of the afternoon.

Sixteenth Century Japan

Another 28mm game set in feudal Japan, this skirmish was played using the "Ronin" rules published by Osprey. The scenario involved a group of assassins who had been dispatched to kill a rival warlord who was protected by a handful of peasants, foot soldiers and his formidable wife. Dan and Pete were the gamers taking part (all figures and terrain courtesy of Pete) and the scenario was played twice, each commander swapping sides for the second game. This was the first time the players had used the rules and both agreed that they gave an enjoyable game.

Cold War Becomes Hot War - Americans vs Soviets

Fought using 6mm models, this was an imaginary encounter somewhere in Northern Europe and was set in the mid 1980's. Doug and Bryan were in charge of an American battle group, Andy W commanded the Soviet opposition and Nick acted as the umpire. The rules used were the well known "Modern Spearhead" set and the scenario involved an advance by US Forces against stubborn Eastern Bloc opposition. The outcome was an honourable draw.

Airfix Battles - a WWII Board Game

Branded as an "introductory" wargame, this self-contained board game comes complete with counters, cards and maps but it can also be used with 1/72 scale figures and vehicles. Billy and Neil played the same scenario three times, changing sides and direction of attack each time. Billy emerged as the 2-1 winner.

16th February 2020

Storm Dennis played havoc with our attendance this week. Many gamers wisely hunkered down and did not attempt the journey while other intrepid members set off in high expectations only to be forced back by impassable flood water. The end result was a mere 12 gamers present and 4 tables in action. Here are brief accounts, photographs and reports kindly supplied by Nick.

Yorktown 1781

Billy and Andy J recreated the famous siege of the American War of Independence which took place in 1781. The board game itself was of 1981 vintage and designed by one Marco Donadoni. Billy, commanding the British, played the role of Cornwallis while Andy impersonated Washington. The result was a victory to the American/French forces.

In Her Majesty's Name

Ross, Maurice and James took part in this 28mm game using Osprey's popular fantasy rules. The scenario was effectively a dry run for the game the club will be displaying at the Alumwell show on Sunday 8th March. HG Wells' "War of the Worlds" was the inspiration for the game and so naturally featured evil Martian tripods and defiant human resistance. I have no idea what the outcome of the battle was, but I would like to think that if all else failed, the Martian invaders were (in the words of Wells)"slain, after all man's devices had failed, by the humblest things that God, in his wisdom, has put upon this earth"

Longstreet First Bull Run, July 1861

This contest was a re-fight of the First Battle of Bull Run, the first major battle of the American Civil War. Dan was the Union commander, Andy GPT (welcome back, Andy) was the Confederate general and the scale was 10mm. The rules used were one of Sam Mustafa'a enjoyable card based offerings, many of which have proved popular with club members. The result was a reversal of the historical result as Dan was able to secure a hard-fought victory.

Beneath the Lily Banners, late seventeenth century

Gordon was the umpire for this imaginary encounter featuring a Williamite army commanded by Dewi and Andy W and a force controlled by James II, Chas in charge with the help of Nick who commanded a French contingent. The scale was 28mm and the figures painted to a very high standard, including Jacobites painted by club member Vlad. Unfortunately, it was not possible to bring the game to a decisive conclusion, but with the right flank of the Jacobite/French smashed by enemy cavalry, the advantage was with the Orange forces when night fell.

26th January 2020

Great to see some new faces at the club this Sunday. There were six games on offer with twenty-two gamers actively engaged in them. Dave C, Maurice and James also paid fleeting visits but were not directly involved in the action.

Maurice - Seven Years War

The forces of Great Britain and Hanover took the field against the French in this 10mm scale SYW encounter. Terry commanded the French army, Jon was the British general and Bryan and Neil W were their respective aides-de-camp. Choosing to attack, the French cavalry swept their English counterparts from the field and the infantry pressed forward in search of a decisive breakthrough. However, Jon was able to steady the line and, after very heavy losses on both sides, successfully prevented the French army from taking their objective.

Chain of Command Eastern Front

This was a "Big" Chain of Command game in 15mm, two platoons per side, each with a substantial armoured component. Vlad and Peet were the Soviet commanders, Bill and first time attendee Rob led the German troops. The game was another keenly fought contest with the result in doubt right to the end. However, it was the Axis forces that secured a narrow victory.

Saga Dark Ages

Tom was the umpire for this contest, featuring another set of regularly played rules at the club. He also provided the bulk of the 28mm figures on the table though Nick also generously chipped in with a few to make up the numbers. Andy R and first time attendee Tom P were the Anglo-Saxon commanders while Dan and Carl (also a new face at the club) led a combined force of Vikings and Welsh warriors. I am not going to reveal the result of the battle because a). I do not want to embarrass potential new members and b). I forgot to ask.

The Men Who Would Be Kings - the Mahdist War

A late nineteenth century tussle in the desert utilising the popular Osprey rules, this 28mm scale battle was fought between Pete, leading the Sudanese forces, and Harry commanding the Anglo-Egyptian army. Harry's troops were attempting to recapture the fort impertinently taken by the Mahdists prior to the game. The superior firepower of the Empire forces proved decisive (particularly the machine gun) and Harry emerged victorious. This was the first time that the players had used these rules and both reported that they gave an enjoyable and entertaining game.

Twilight of the Sun King - War of the League of Augsburg

Late seventeenth century Europe was the setting for this 10mm scale battle using Nick's Twilight rules. He also provided the figures and umpired the game as Ross, impersonating William of Orange, took control of an allied army opposed to the French forces commanded by Andy W who was wearing the breeches of the Duc de Luxembourg. The order of battle for both sides was identical to the historical dispositions at the battle of Steenkirk, 1692, though the terrain was entirely of Nick's invention. From what I could make out, Andy spent most of the game cursing the performance of the French cavalry from which I can only conclude that the result was a grievous disappointment to him.

Sharp Practice - Rebellion in the Colonies

Ian once again supplied all the equipment for a further round of American War of Independence fun in 28mm, and also acted as umpire (perhaps one day he will actually get to play a game). Billy and Andy J were in charge of the tiresome rebels opposed to King George III and Dave B was left on his own to command a force of loyal Redcoats. It was another disappointing day for the British, as American sharpshooters picked off their light infantry and other units displayed a marked reluctance to enter the field.

5th January 2020

A busy start to the gaming year at the first of our January meetings. Twenty-two players were involved in seven games and here are short accounts of what transpired: -

Sharp Practice 1 - the Peninsular War

The first of the two games played using the Lardies' Horse and Musket skirmish rules saw Andy J's French/Polish force take on Pete's mixture of Spanish regular and irregular troops. Each player provided his own 28mm figures. In fairly open terrain, the use of the Polish cavalry proved decisive, beating the Spanish opposition "back to whence they had come" (in the words of the victorious general) and the seizure of a key objective secured the field for the Emperor's men. Pete is now on a recruiting drive for some suitable mounted troops.

Sharp Practice 2 - the American War of Independence

The second Sharp Practice game was a very nice looking AWI scenario in 28mm using figures and terrain entirely supplied by Ian, who also acted as umpire. Dave B and Dan were in charge of the rebellious colonists while Dave C and Graham commanded the British Redcoats. The forces of King George were lacking their customary mettle in this engagement and it was the upstart Yankees who came out on top.

North West Frontier

More imperialist machinations to report on in the Khyber Pass as Afghan tribesmen led by Maurice attacked a British column under the command of Clive and Billy. Clive provided the 28mm figures and scenery, the rules used were Triumph and Tragedy and the action took place in the latter part of the nineteenth century. Private Widdle was again making his presence felt and the British also suffered the misfortune of having their artillery destroyed. The result was more egg on the face of the British Government - or was it perhaps imperialist yolk?

Narrow Seas in WWII

Following their successful foray onto the high seas in last month's game, Gordon and Doug once again combined resources to stage another round of 1:300 scale warfare in coastal waters. Nick joined Doug in command of the British forces while Darren and Andy W helped Gordon to defend a convoy of German ships making its way along the shores of northern France. At least one German cargo vessel made its way to Davy Jones' Locker and the way the British torpedoes were tracking it looked certain that more were to follow.

Kings of War Ancients

Another game in 28mm in which all the equipment was provided by Tom, this was an ancient battle fought using the Kings of War fantasy rules adapted to historical periods. Tom was in control of a Parthian force and his adversary, Andy R, led a Successor army. The scenario played was one featured in the rule book but I neglected to find out which one. Suffice to say that Andy found the legendary Parthian horse archers too hot to handle and Tom emerged as the clear winner.

Chain of Command 1 - Normandy 1944

The first instance of the ever-popular WWII small action rules this month was a 28mm British vs Germans game set in Normandy 1944. Neil W provided the material and also some not very useful assistance to first time player Jon, who commanded the Germans. Bryan led the British platoon. The Germans very nearly captured an enemy jump-off point but their squad was forced off the table by determined British defenders. The allies inflicted greater casualties on their opponents but neither side was able to achieve the victory conditions, and a draw was the final outcome.

Chain of Command 2 - Operation Barbarossa 1941

The second Chain of Command game on this club Sunday featured Bill leading a small force of Russian naval troops and James in charge of a German platoon. Each player provided their own 28mm figures and supports but all the terrain was supplied by Bill. Two games were played in the course of the afternoon, and the players had the pleasure of achieving one victory each. Interestingly, both gamers secured their victories when they were defending.