Andy Callan's Articles

The aim of this section is to provide access to some very nice articles written by Andy Callan during the 1980's. The articles provided not only some very nice rules for the gamer but also many useful design ideas that could be applied to other periods. I know that I am not alone in being a fan of the rules and certainly the frequency that they are mentioned in gaming circles suggest that others feel the same.

These articles originally appeared in the Miniature Wargames and Wargames Illustrated magazines and are recreated here with the kind permission of the author. I have tried, as nearly as possible, to reproduce the original articles as they first appeared and without adding or taking away anything from them. There are though a few alterations suggested by the author to clarify misleading parts. The articles are thus solely the creative work of Andy Callan, although the errors in grammar, etc are likely to be mine. I hope that you like the articles and find them useful. If you do, or if you have any questions for myself or Mr. Callan, contact me at Nick. I will pass on any material to Mr Callan. I would particularly urge you to contact Mr Callan if you find the articles useful. He is considering writing some more and I think that it would be nice if the gaming community could encourage him, in this way, to do this.

Nick Dorrell, Jan. 2005

The Articles

Loose Files and American Scramble: An excellent and innovative set of rules for the American war of Independence. Aimed at 15mm figures but easily convertible to other scales. Originally published in Wargames Illustrated, No. 1, Sept. 1987. Download a playsheet for these rules, used by kind permission of Vincent Tsao.

The 'Noddy' ACW Riverine Rules: A simple, yet effective, set of rules for recreating American Civil War naval actions on rivers. Originally published in Miniature Wargames, No. 14, 1984.

The Dark Age Infantry Slog (D.A.I.S) System: An innovative look at re-fighting Dark Age 'shieldwall' battles. Originally published in Miniature Wargames, No. 7, 1983.

White Steeds and Seax: A modified version of DAIS including cavalry. Used here by kind permission of Steve Switzer.