What a Tanker! - WW2 in NW Europe

A game played at Tom's house in early March 2022, featuring the Lardies' tank combat rules (with a few modifications).

In tonight’s game of ‘What a Tanker!’ we had two Panther ‘D’s against three Sherman 75’s and one Sherman 76mm. We introduced blinds into the game so with three players each took two tanks and four blinds.

The Germans concentrated the two Panthers intending to isolate and take out one section of Shermans. At the other end of the table the second group of Shermans advance slowly up the table spotting the two German blinds.

The first two Shermans open fire on the Panthers, their 75mm shells bouncing off the Panther's frontal armour. In the following turn in the exchange of fire the Shermans inflict no damage while the two Panthers destroyed both of the Shermans.

The Panthers then turn to locate the remaining Shermans. As they cross the field and head towards the building the Sherman 76mm appeared on the road and gets off two shots both of which hit causing three temporary damage points on the first tank, cutting it down to two command dice.

In the next turn the Sherman 76mm hits the second Panther causing two permanent damage points, then reverses out of the line of fire. Meanwhile, the remaining Sherman 75mm tries to move round behind the Germans.

The game comes to a climax when the two Panthers move round the village and open fire, destroying the Sherman 76mm that has caused them so much trouble. Unnoticed, the remaining Sherman 75mm has moved behind the German tanks and, hitting them on their rear and side armour, KO’d them both.

The game was exciting to the end and the blinds definitely added something to the game with the Germans unsure as to exactly where the remaining Shermans were.