Uncharted Seas Napoleonic Naval

A game played by Tom and Karl in late November 2021. Once again, I am grateful to Tom for the words and pictures

The British Lee Column led by Vice Admiral Collingwood in the Royal Sovereign, patrolling the Caribbean, meets up with the Allied 1st & 2nd Squadrons of Observation and the 1st Squadron centre squadron led by Rear Admiral Escano in the Principe de Asturias, and Rear Admiral Cisneros in the Santisima Trinidad.

Fearing the quality of the British gunnery, Rear Admiral Cisneros in the Santisima Trinidad leads the 1st Centre Squadron around the front of the British fleet while Rear Admiral Escano leads both Squadrons of Observation behind the islands to attack the rear of the British fleet.

The first collision of forces is when the 1st Centre Squadron cuts across the front of the British fleet. In the ensuing fire fight Admiral Cisneros in the Santisima Trinidad rakes the Tonnant then sails into the midst of the British fleet firing both broadsides and crippling the Tonnant and the Swiftsure. The Defiance, having had its rudder blown away, collides with the Santisima Trinidad and fires a devastating close range volley into the enemy as the two ships come together. The rear admirals self sacrifice and a change in wind direction becalming the British fleet allows the rest of the 1st squadron to circle round the becalmed British Fleet loosing Vice-Admiral Villeneurve in the Bucentaure and two frigates.

The three Spanish Squadrons then cut in to attack the rear of the ‘becalmed’ British fleet and manage to destroy the Dreadnought, Thunderer and the Defence, loosing the Principe de Asturias in the process. At his point the British gain the wind and sail off around the centre island to lick their wounds.

Having destroyed the two Spanish capital ships the British claimed a victory, but the remaining Allied fleet claims a moral victory, having chased the British away and claimed the damaged ships as prizes.