Uncharted Seas Napoleonic (2)

The second Napoleonic naval encounter fought in April 2022 at Tom's house. As usual, Tom has kindly supplied the account that follows: -

In tonight’s naval game the English fleet sails in two columns as does the Franco-Spanish fleet. The English 1st Squadron, led by the Royal Sovereign, cuts across the Allies' van squadron and gets into a heavy combat, loosing the Belleisle, Mars and Tonnant but destroying the Allied squadron, knocking out most of their ships including Santisima, Trinidad and the Santa Ana.

The English 2nd Squadron led by the Prince and Dreadnought, tries to cut off the second Spanish squadron who turn to escape. The Thunderer and the Defence rush ahead of the 2nd Rates to cut off the Spanish fleet but they get cut off and forced to strike their colours.

The Prince enters the conflict and cuts the Spanish line raking and destroying two Allied 3rd Rates. But then it gets cut off and captured.

At which point the game ended.