Uncharted Seas Napoleonic (1)

The first of two Napoleonic games played at Tom's place in April 2022, this contest took place in the first week of the month.

In the first round of this naval game the English came out on top, having destroyed one French 3rd rater and two frigates and cutting off the Santisma Tinidad from the rest of the Allied fleet.

In the second phase of the battle the Spanish 1st squadron engages the British van, the Polyphemus’s crew get overrun by the Santanisima Trinidad only to be rescued by the Belleisle who grapple and overrun the Santanisima, making her a prize and recapturing the Polyphemus.

The Allied squadron, including the San Augustin, Heros and San Leandro sail in to rescue their flagship, managing to reduce the Bellerophon and Prince to hulks before all three are made to strike by the English. The Santa Anna also sails to the rescue and, after being raked by the Swiftsure, grapples and retakes the Santanisima Trinidad.

The Allied fleet finally manages to catch up with rear of the English column and over a series of turns manages to make the Dreadnought, Thundered and Defence strike and moving round Island and finally makes the Prince Strike.

At this stage the British now have the windward advantage and make the best of this and their superior sailing ability to break off the combat.

On the Allied side the French ships caused most of the damage while the Spanish were more of a target for the superior British gunnery.