The Relief of Peking 1900

A game using Tom's Principles of War rules which was played in the middle of August 2022

Todays game - 1900 Relief of Peking.

The Russian and British forces move onto the table rolling maximum initiative and getting to the centre of the table and begin to deploy for the attack on the Chinese imperial positions, while moving their cavalry out on the flanks to find the Boxers.

In the Chinese first move the Boxers arrive, one force appearing behind the British, one on the Russian right flank, two on the British flank and three more from behind the Imperialist positions.

The Boxers on the flanks are slowed down by the British and Russian horse and artillery while they form up for their attack on the Imperialist positions. A lone Indian battalion holds the village on the right flank of the British positions, forcing back a force of Boxers advancing from their rear.

The British close in on the Chinese positions but the attack is stalled when the British infantry units both roll a ‘20’ for their morale die on two consecutive moves and this was topped off when the Indian infantry followed their example and rolled yet another ‘20’ (a turn in luck after rolling maximum initiative in the first turn).

On the other flank two forces of Boxers move to attack both Russian flanks as they attack the Imperialist positions. The Cossacks evade from one Boxer charge and the Russians shoot off the Boxer attack on the other flank.

The game ends with the European attack stalled and the Boxers closing in. The relief of the legations has been delayed and the Europeans falling back to regroup and attack another day.