Seven Weeks War Using POW

This impressive game (the table size was 12' x 6') was fought at Tom's house in the middle of July 2022. My thanks to the host for the words and pictures.

The Prussians have overrun Saxony and the Saxon army has fallen back to join their South German allies. A small force of Saxons are trying to hold a series of river crossings until they can be joined by Austrian and Bavarian forces who are moving up from the south.

The German 1st Corps under General von Bonin is leading the Prussian advance with orders to take and hold the river crossings. His two divisions are advancing along two roads when they catch up to the Saxon rear guard. The limited Saxon forces can only manage to hold or mask three of the river crossings leaving one available for the Prussians to use.

The Austrian and Bavarian forces are rushing forward along a series of roads in an attempt to support the Saxons and to prevent the Prussians taking the river crossings.

The Prussian corps commander, reserve cavalry and first division advance up the right flank to threaten the bridges on the Allies' left flank. The Saxons on this flank turn out to only be scouts and do not stop the Prussian advance. The Prussian 2nd Division deploys into the centre and moves to attack the Saxons holding the central bridge. The 2nd Brigade are delayed as they are forced to move round the impenetrable wood. The Prussian Landwehr and cavalry cross the bridge on their left and deploy, protecting the bridge and the left flank of the 2nd Division.

The Bavarians advance onto the battlefield on the Allied right and move forward with the cavalry, Guards Brigade and First Division to cover the right while the 2nd Division are ordered to advance to support the Saxons in the centre and then to advance and threaten the Prussian held crossing.

The Austrians deploy on the Allied left but get into a ‘traffic jam’ as they try to push their forces over the two bridges. They are not helped when they are spotted in road column and the Prussian divisional and corps artillery open fire on them. The Prussian cuirassiers attack the Austrian cavalry, forcing one unit to retire, routing the other and following through to hit the Austrian 1st Infantry Brigade who were caught in march column on the road. routing one unit and forcing a second to retire.

The Prussian 2nd Division in the centre continues its disjointed attack on the Saxons and the 1st Brigade looses three battalions in their frontal attacks. The 2nd Brigade charges the Saxon flank held by their Jaegers five times before breaking into the village. However, this is all too late as the Bavarian 1st Division has deployed across the river and are poring a heavy fire into the Prussian flank. The Austrian 2nd division was having difficulty moving through the congested villages.

On the Prussian right the two flanking forces (Bavarian and Prussians) are in a standoff with nether side wishing to push home an attack.

At the end of the game the Prussians have pushed forces over the river and hold one bridge. The South Germans hold two crossings, the fourth bridge is in dispute as the Austrian 1st Brigade falls apart.