Russian Colonials vs Boxers with Principles of War

A Principles of War game with Russian colonial forces facing a mixed force of Boxers and Imperialist Chinese which was played between Tom and Karl in December 2021. Thanks to Tom for the text and photographs.

In this game the mixed Boxer and Imperialist army (366 strength) face off against a Russian incursion (110 strength).

The Chinese deploy all the Boxers on the hill in their deployment area. The C-in-C and 2nd Brigade have orders to advance (engage) to take the hill opposite, leaving the 1st Brigade to hold the hill. The Imperialist infantry are deployed around the village in the centre of the deployment area with orders to leave one unit in the village and then to advance around the rice paddies and attack the hill on the Russian side of the table in the flank. The regular cavalry deploys on the far left with orders to advance (engage) over the hill in the centre of the table, leaving a unit to hold the hill, then advance to take the hill on the Russian side of the table from the rear.

The Russians move their four full strength infantry units and artillery onto the table and advance in line to take the hill on their left. The second leader follows with the baggage, MG section and under strength infantry unit. The third leader takes the two Cossack irregular mounted infantry units towards the hill in the centre of the table to slow down any flanking attacks.

Over then next few moves the Chinese regular cavalry aggressively force the Cossacks back, not giving them the opportunity to use their firepower. The Imperial infantry advance behind the cavalry. The Boxers advance towards the Russians as they deploy on the hill and the Boxers suffer heavily from the Russians deployed in front of the hill supported by the artillery and MG section, the third Brigade loosing six out of their nine units. Eventually the Boxer commander has to order his reserve brigade forward to keep up the pressure.

The retiring Cossacks get caught between the Imperial infantry and the Boxers, their commander and 1st Squadron being wiped out. The Imperialist cavalry work themselves behind the Russian position and charge into the rear of the Russian under strength infantry unit, artillery and the baggage. Mean while the Boxer C-in-C attacks the Russian infantry on the left forcing one to retire and another to rout (20 on the morale die).

At the end of the game the Chinese had lost 135 strength points leaving 64% of their army remaining and holding both their objectives totalling 50 points giving a total of 114points. The Russians had lost 55 strength points leaving 50% of their army remaining but having lost their objective - 40 points and all their baggage -45points giving them a total of -35 points. A decided victory for the perfidious Chinese who not only get to stop the Russians they also get to kill of over 50% of the troublesome Boxers.