Return to Barce - a recreation of the Long Range Desert Group raid on Barce airfield in September 1942 (Operation Caravan).

My thanks to John for providing the following report. This was the second of two games of the same scenario  played at the club in February and March of 2023. In this contest, Jon P was the British commander and Paul J was the Italian leader. Rapid Fire rules were in use and the scale was 28mm.

LRDG Orders:  The destruction of aircraft, infrastructure and material in the Barce sector would severely hamper axis offensive capabilities. Primary target is the Italian Airfield at Barce. Destroy  as many aircraft as possible, causing the maximum amount of damage and disturbance to the enemy. Secondary objectives should also be destroyed, but only if this will not prejudice the success of your primary task. Fuel Storage facility and Supply dumps within the Airfield Administrative infrastructure in Barce. Headquarters of local Italian Command.

Libya 1942. A month to-the-day, the LRDG again raided the Italian airfield at Barce. It was another attempt to forestall the Axis build-up prior to their push eastwards.

Arriving just after dusk, the Jeeps and Chevrolets bold approach was aided by a dust storm, when the Italian guards were conspicuous by their absence. One patrol went across country following the course of a wadi and headed for the aircraft and fuel dumps. The second patrol left one Chevrolet as a RV point, with the remainder of the vehicles using the main road through the town to attack the garrison HQ and the vehicle park. The much-maligned Italian tankettes opened fire on the passing jeeps and managed to destroy two of them,


The main patrol succeeded (eventually) in destroying all the aircraft and the fuel dumps, although again at some cost. The remnants of the two patrols finally escaped via the wadi. Whilst the destruction of the aircraft was undoubtedly a blow to Axis plans, it turns out that much of the fuel dump comprised of empty barrels.