Renaissance Turks vs Imperialists

Originally planned as a large battle to be fought on a 12' x 6' table, this game (played at Tom's house in early December 2022) had to be reduced in scope for reasons given below: -

Due to illness, today’s game was cut down to two players so we reduced the game to a single Turkish force against an Imperialist force and cut the table to a 6ft by 6ft area. The Turkish forces have two commands of mixed feudal Sipahi and skirmish cavalry with a central command of infantry including Janissaries, Dervishes and artillery.

The Imperialist army have two wings of Reiter supported by Imperialist light feudal horse. The centre command of three Tercios of infantry and two blocks of feudal levies with pikes.

In deployment, the Turks use their scouting superiority (an extra deployment base) to out manoeuvre the Imperialists by deploying their whole force on their right. The Imperialist army deploy in the usual fashion with cavalry on their flanks and their infantry in the centre.

The Imperialists had the initiative and the C-in-C, seeing the whole Turkish army facing his left wing cavalry, spends all his initiative changing the orders of his right wing cavalry to swing round to attack the Turkish left flank, leaving the infantry to move through the cultivation and broken ground to hold the central objective. The Turkish C-in-C has a couple of moves with minimal initiative and slowly follows behind his two wings of cavalry. The left hand group of cavalry move to the front of the Imperialist Reiter on the hill while the right hand group move to take the Reiter in the flank. The units engaged with the armoured Reiter take heavy losses in the exchange.

On the other flank the right wing Imperialist Reiter get a burst of initiative (4) and move 32” to threaten the Turkish infantry command who were falling behind their armoured counterparts. The Turkish C-in-C finally manages to get some initiative (7) and manages to deploy their guns and Janissaries to face the Imperialist flanking attack.

On the other flank the fight of the Imperialist cavalry on the hill grows more intense with the Turks pushing one of the Imperialist Reiter back only for them to hold on and push back the Turkish horse, destroying three units of Spahi in exchange for one block of Reiter. In the last turn, the Turkish infantry catch up with their cavalry and the Dervish fanatics charge a block of Reiter who manage to hold.

At the end of the game the Imperialist Infantry hold the disputed ground but the Imperialist wings were both in trouble.