Renaissance Poles vs Turks

A brief account of a Principles of War game played at Tom's place in early February 2022

The Poles pinned their left flank on a series of defended wagon lagers, and their infantry and placed their two cavalry commanders in their centre and right. The Turks were in a more standard organisation with their infantry in the centre and cavalry on each flank.

The Polish commander led his command down the right flank and a Grand Charge from three units of Polish hussars and three Pancerni Hussars hit the Turkish left and chased them off after a hard fight

The Turkish right moved forward and wheeled to attack the Polish cavalry in the centre but came under flanking fire from the Polish infantry and artillery in the wagon lagers. The Pancerni Cossacks evaded the charge from the Spahi of the Port who were then charged by the Polish hussars. The after a hard fight the Turkish cavalry were forced back.