Principles of War - a Boer War Battle

A game played at Tom's house in July 2021 where he and Wayne continued their series of 19th century Principles of War battles.

We have moved from the British on North West Frontier and the Russian incursion onto the vast Asian Steps. This time we are in South Africa for the 1st Boer war - Natal Field Force 1881 against Boer 1870's -80's.

In the first turn the British general led his Infantry and baggage onto the table heading between the dry waterbed and the high grass heading towards the hill on the Boer Left. His sub commander deployed his artillery on his left to face the threat from Boer movement bases in the centre of the Table. The British Cavalry commander led his mounted infantry to the centre of the table to face the two Boer movement bases to their front.

The one Boer Movement base remained hidden behind the hill crest as the British advanced, while another Boer commando moved round and began to manoeuvre round to the left between the British infantry and their mounted infantry. The large Boer commando on their right deploys on the hill on their side of the table and engage the British mounted infantry in long range fire. After several turns fire the Boers rout the British irregular mounted infantry and force the regular mounted infantry to retire. This allows the remainder of the commando to advance to the far hill and dig in as the regular mounted infantry are chased from the table.

On the other side of the table the British infantry storm the hill forcing the Boers out of their entrancements and then after several rounds of fire storm the Boer defended baggage. The central Boer commando engage in a long range firefight with the British artillery and an infantry battalion forcing the infantry to retire. The Boer's commando move further round the British flank to threaten the hill in the British rear.

Seeing the threat the British Commander changes his sub commanders orders and sends him with the below strength Infantry and a battalion of NNC to occupy the hill to their rear. Having lost his baggage, the Boer C in C leaves the remainder of his commando and heads over to try and bring the other two Commandos to threaten the British left.