Principles of War 1866

Tom produced this after-action report (originally on Facebook) on a battle fought at his house in early June 2021. He used his own "Principles of War" rules to create an imaginary encounter between the Prussian and Austrian Armies in the Seven Weeks' War of 1866. New member Wayne was his opponent and it looks like it will be the first of many contests between the two.

Wayne came round for his first game of Principles of war today and we fought 1866 Austrians V Prussians. The game started well with both sides capturing the hill on their left flank and moving forces towards the high ground in the centre of the table.

On the Bavarian left a Brigade of Austrian Light Cavalry supported by Horse Artillery threatened the Prussian flank and the Bavarian General ordered his Cavalry brigade to change direction and move to deal with the problem. The Bavarian cavalry commander was slow to move but, with the support of the infantry, finally routed the Austrian cavalry.

In the Centre the Austrians took the high ground and the Bavarian Leib Brigade supported by three batteries of artillery pressed the Austrians back.

On the Bavarian Right their third brigade pressed bravely forward into withering fire from the Austrians holding the hill and eventually, after heavy casualties, the brigade broke and fled, pressed by Austrian infantry.

The game ended as both Generals moved to their left flank to redirect their winning forces to move to support the forces battling in the centre.