Operation Covid Isolation

Another Chain of Command Second World War platoon sized action, played at a distance using Zoom technology

I am grateful to Ian for the following account of a remote game played at the end of 2020. I will let Ian describe the setup in his own words: -

Prompted by Clive and Gordons efforts and spurred on by Andy R, I set up a CoC game here. Initially it was just me and Andy trying to work out the mechanics of how to make it work. Later Graham joined us with his experience of playing Dave C this way. I must say I am very pleased with the result and I certainly had great fun as the "Host". You will have to ask Graham and Andy on their experience from a "Player" perspective but I am looking forward to the next one!

Still tweaking but realising it works best as Host and two Players in multiple 2 hour sessions. I have a permanent set up here and the players can work from their kitchen table/office desk!

I have one camera with a permanent overhead view of the table and one 'mobile' camera. I am also able to send instant Whatsapp photos for atmosphere/situation decisions. 'Live' chat keeps us all involved.

As this was the first trial game I hadn't planned for any AAR for it...but was asked by my Irish friends for one, so I put this together from what I had, which you can peruse if you have an interest.

Operation Covid Isolation.pdf