More 'O' Group Action, British vs Germans

In which Tom and Graham try to get to grips with Dave Brown's WWII rules for the second time. As you will see, Tom remains distinctly unimpressed. My thanks to Tom for the text and pictures.

Another fun evening with Graham. Decided upon a second attempt at working my way into ‘O’ Group using the introductory scenario again.

The Germans managed to roll 4 ambushes again and set up infantry platoons in each of the woods on the half way line and the Section of A/T guns on the hill at the back of the table covering the road. The British rolled 4 units on table and concentrated these on their left flank.

The British advance and run into the two ambushes, both supported by heavy MG’s, bringing the British Infantry platoons to a halt pinning them. The British bring up additional platoons up to support but the Germans counter this with two additional platoons of infantry and bring the Brits under mortar fire.

This fire fight continues for several turns with some manoeuvring of combat patrols on the inactive flank. In an attempt to break through the British try to bring down artillery fire on the Germans in the centre of the table, but fail to get through to the battalion artillery on each occasion.

The Brits suffer from poor saving rolls, loosing 8 units (2 FUBARs) in two turns. In a desperate attempt to turn the tide the British move their reinforcement point and bring on the 3rd Company and a troop of Shermans next to the wood in the centre of the table. The Shermans take fire from the German A/T guns as they drive, getting one minor hit from the 50mm and the 75mm missing.

The end of the British attack comes when the Germans call down a Divisional Barrage on the Germans attacking the wood. The fire comes down with full effect (8 dice on a 4+ to hit) on the British Company HQ, two infantry platoons and the Sherman platoon, forcing them all to withdraw.

After two weeks trying to work my way through the rules I am at the conclusion that ‘O’ Group is not for me and Graham and I will be moving back to Chain of Command next week.