More Napoleonic Principles of War

A game played between Tom and Graham in October 2021 using Tom's own Principles of War rules. My thanks to Tom for the following account: -

The Austrians are the attackers and move their ‘Advance Guard’ Division forward on their right to occupy the Hill at the centre of the table. In the centre, one division deploys to defend their line of supply from any flank attacks. The Third Infantry Division, supported by the reserve grenadier division, advance on the left with their flank on the road. The Austrian Cuirassier Division leads the attack by rushing up to the centre of the table.

The French first move half their heavy cavalry advancing on their left flank, their advance to the enemy Line of Supply being held up by the Austrian advance guard defending the hill in the centre.

The French C in C leads his second division with his reserve artillery and light cavalry over the hill on his right and deploys facing the Austrian Cuirassiers. The Third French Division advances along the road and deploys facing the Austrian infantry. The French ‘Light’ division has poor initiative and follows the Third Division.

Over the next few moves the French heavy cavalry on their left slowly try to move round the Austrian Advance Guard on the hill, with the Austrian light cavalry moving to protect their infantry. The French cavalry are held up for the remainder of the game.

On the other side of the Table the Austrian Cuirassier Division manoeuvres around the French right flank. Suffering heavy casualties from the French infantry squares and artillery, the French C in C’s light cavalry try to charge a shaken Cuirassier brigade but the cuirassiers roll a ‘1’ for their morale and rally to counter charge the light cavalry who then proceed to roll a ’20’ for morale and rout off the table. Eventually the Cuirassiers get one brigade on the French Line of Supply, having lost one brigade of Cuirassiers on the way. In the final turn, skirmish fire from the French squares shakes the second remaining Cuirassier brigade and ‘kills’ the divisional commander.

In the centre the French Third Division form up into assault columns and get into a fire fight with Austrian division. The Austrians hold their ground for several turns but eventually units start breaking. The attached light cavalry charge to stop the rout but the French infantry brigades form square, forcing the cavalry to retire. The Austrian Grenadier reserves only manage to get in position late in the game by which time the Division they were supporting is on the verge of routing.

At the end of the game the French ‘light’ Division had penetrated the wood and were on their way towards their objective which was the Hill in the Austrian rear. The Austrians were winning with a 25 point terrain advantage, the French being couple of moves short of gaining their objectives and swinging the game back in their favour.