The Indian Mutiny using Principles of War

Despite being heavily hit by Covid (as Tom put it) this game still managed to take place in early March 2022 and featured Tom's own rules and figures.

The Mutineers form up on the table with the bulk of their troops (on blinds) covering the British advance and two dummy blinds masking the Residency.

The British advance onto the table in a solid double rank line with their cavalry brigade formed up on their right flank. The Indians form up with an irregular force on their left flank facing the British cavalry and the second brigade deployed in the home village behind them, the siege guns taking long range shots at the British as they form up.

The Mutineer cavalry have their orders changed to move from the right to left flank to face off against the British cavalry. But after making the mutineers to commit their cavalry, the British form up their mounted brigand and rapidly move round to the left flank and to move round the Mutineers.

The British infantry manage to form a solid line to stand in front of the Mutineers and slowly force them back while standing off the irregular hordes on their right.

The British cavalry manoeuvre around the Mutineers right flank and manage to catch one of the brigades in the flank, routing one and making a second unit retire. But the Mutineers manage to bring up their reserves to save the situation and force the British cavalry to retire.

The Mutineers and umpire were fortified by several bottles of red wine and all sides fortified by pizzas supplied by Sue. At the end of the game the British are in a strong position holding off the irregulars while forcing the mutineers back but had not managed to take the Mutineers' home village or to relieve the Residency.