Franco-Prussian War Encore

Another Principles of War scenario from the above conflict, this one was played out at Tom's in mid February 2023.

In this week's game the French First Corps faces the Prussians and allied Baden Division. The French deploy all four infantry divisions on the right of the battlefield with their cavalry division holding the centre with two blinds deployed on their far left. The Prussians have a more even deployment with their cavalry on the left with the 21st Prussian Division to the right, the Baden Division and Corps command in the centre and the Prussian 22nd Division on the right.

The French plan is to use three infantry divisions to move forward then sweep round to attack the German left. The 4th Infantry Division is deployed to their left to protect their flank, while the French cavalry feint to the threaten the Prussian centre.

The Prussian plan is for their cavalry to move round the French right flank while the Baden Division and C-in-C hold the centre, deploying their grand battery on the hill to support the infantry. The two Prussian divisions advance either side of the C-in-C and grand battery to attack the French centre.

The French Infantry advance crests the hill and is faced by the Prussian cavalry division. The discovery of the French attack triggers a flurry of order changes from Prussian Corps commander over the next few moves. The cavalry division is ordered to fall back then move to face the French cavalry threatening the Prussian centre. The Prussian 22nd Division on the right is ordered to move over to the left to protect the flank of the 21st Division. The Baden Division is ordered to move through the woods to attack the French left.

The French infantry advance is slowed by a lack of initiative and trying to push through terrain. When they finally manage to move round the Prussian flank the Prussian 22nd Division has formed up on the road holding the broken ground. The French infantry suffer heavy casualties from a grand battery of 4 batteries on the hill and the batteries attached to the two Prussian divisions. The French cavalry division threatens the Prussian centre, breaking the Baden cavalry brigade before being pushed back to their starting positions by the Prussian cavalry brigade.

The game ends in a general stand off with each side's right flank attack being held up by deployed infantry supported by artillery.