Franco-Prussian War Battle 8

More 19th century warfare in 6mm from Tom, using his Principles of War rules. This game was palyed in early May 20

In this Franco-Prussian War game, the French 1st Corps face off against the Bavarian 1st and 2nd Corps The French lose the initiative and get to choose three objectives. The first they allocate to the crossroads on their left flank. The Bavarians then place objective 2 on the central hill, The French then allocate objective 3 to the village in the centre of the table and the Prussians then choose objective 4 on the hill on their right and the French then allocate objective 5 on the hill in the centre.

The French allocate 25 points to Objectives 1 & 5 and 45 points to objective 3. They deployed the cavalry division on their left hand line of communication to be followed by the 1st division with the C-in-C and Corps Artillery, then the 2nd and finally a dummy blind.  On their left hand line of communication the 3rd, 4th and extra attached division are allocated in that sequence. The French Cavalry were instructed to move to objective 5 on the hill to use their speed to slow the Bavarian advance. The 1st Division and artillery were ordered to take objective 1 on the crossroads. the 2nd Division had orders to follow the cavalry and occupied the objective 5 on the central hill. The French 3rd Division had orders to move to the village (objective 3) to be supported by 4th and attached infantry divisions.

The Prussians allocated 20 points to objectives 2 and 4 on the hills and 40 to Objective 1 on the crossroads. The Prussian 1st Corps were allocated to the right hand line of communication the 1st Division to move over the hill objective 4 and deploy the artillery to cover their flank before moving forward to take the crossroads (objective 1) The 2nd Division with the Corps cavalry was to follow and move to support the attack on the crossroads. The 2nd Division was deployed on the left hand line of communication. The 3rd Division and Corps artillery had orders to move over the hill (objective 2) then deploy their artillery prior to advancing to the central road to cover the 1st Corps flank. The 4th Division were ordered to move forward towards objective 5.

In the game the Prussians use their initiative advantage of attaching each of their Corps commanders and artillery to a division to allow them to reach their initial objectives in the first move, then to advance on to their secondary objectives. Their follow up divisions were considerably slower, rolling several ‘1’s for initiative. The French initiative was much poorer, the cavalry being caught in the open by the Prussian 2nd Corps artillery and forced to retire, Their first division and artillery manage to deploy and stall the Bavarian advance, inflicting heavy casualties but not managing to force them back. Having no targets the Bavarian 1st Corps artillery limber up and spend the rest of the game moving up to support the 1st Division.

The 2nd Division finally reaches the crossroads and are given a change of orders to move to push the French out of the central village (objective 3). The French 2nd Division moves to the hill (objective 5) and get into a fire fight with the Bavarian 3rd Corps deployed  along the  central road.  On the French right the 3rd Infantry Division moves forward and deploys two regiments in the village (objective 3) forming the artillery and two regiments to defend against the Bavarian 4th Division who then get caught in the flank by two more French divisions and are forced to fall back suffering heavy casualties.

When the game comes to an end the French had taken objectives 3 and 5 but lost objective 1 so had a net 45 objective points and 91% of their unit strength remaining giving them a net 136 points. The Bavarians  had taken objectives 2,3 and 4 giving them 80 objective points but they only had 84% of their strength remaining so had an net 164 points giving them a 25 point win.