Franco-Prussian War Battle 11

This game was played in mid-May 2023. Once again, I am grateful to Tom for the pictures and the text.

In this game Marshal MacMahon and the French 1st Corps (4 infantry divisions and a cavalry division are facing  HRH The Crown Prince of Prussia with the Bavarian 1st Corps (2 divisions and artillery) and the Prussian 9th Division.

The Prussians win the initiative roll and get to move onto table turn one while The French can deploy up to 9” on table. The French deploy their blinds, the cavalry division deploys on the far left with the 4th Corps on the road next to them. To their right was the 2nd Infantry Division then the 1st Division, C-in-C and Corps artillery behind the two height hill in the centre and then the Third Division on the second road with the ‘dummy’ blind on the far right. The players then selected the objectives. The French select the road junction on the far right (Objective 1), The two height hill in the centre (Objective 3) and the road junction in the centre (Objective 5). The Germans select the road junction on their right on the French side of the centre line (Objective 2) and the village at the road junction on their right hand road (Objective 4)

The Generals then Write orders and allocate their (Hidden) Objective points. The French choose to allocate 25 points each to Objectives 1, 2 and 3. The Cavalry Division has orders to move over the hill to their front and move to the Prussian right hand line of communication. The 4th Infantry Division has orders to move forward to the road junction (Objective 2). The 2nd Division has orders to move through the woods to the right of the road junction and move towards the village (Objective 4). The 1st Division and C-in-C have orders to move onto the two height hill (Objective 3). The 3rd Division hav orders to move to the Road junction (objective 1) to their right. The dummy blind has orders to move along the right hand board edge.

The Prussians allocate 20 Points to Objectives 1 and 4 and 30 points to Objectives 2 and 5. The Prussians deploy the Crown Prince and Prussian 9th Division on their left with orders to move to and hold Objective 1. To their left is a dummy blind with orders to move along the left hand table edge. The Bavarian 1st Division with the Bavarian Corps commander and Corps troops deploy in the centre with orders to move to and hold Objective 5. Alongside them were two dummy blinds, one with orders to move into the woods behind Objective 5, the other with orders to occupy the village (Objective 4). On the far right the Bavarian 2nd Division has orders to move over the hill on the right and then to advance to and hold the road junction (Objective 2). Alongside them is another dummy blind with instructions to move through the woods to the left of the road junction (Objective 2).

In the Game the Prussian 9th Division using the C-in-C and Divisional commanders' initiative  moves and takes Objective 1. The French 3rd Division moves forward to face them but a lack of initiative and having their officer shot several times  means that their attack fails to develop. In the centre the Bavarian 1st Division and C-in-C move to the central road junction (Objective 5) and deploy. The French 1st Division deploys on the hill (Objective 3). The concentrated artillery fire from the Bavarian artillery routs the French artillery and forces the infantry back behind the crest. The French 2nd Division moves forward into the woods threatening to penetrate between the 1st & 2nd Bavarian Divisions causing a ‘panic’ on the German side, the Crown Prince rushing over from the the far left and rapidly changing orders and then rushing the 1st Bavarian Infantry to the right to cover the village (Objective 4) and to give support to the 2nd Division. The Crown Prince remains with the Bavarian artillery and cavalry covering Objective 5.

On the Prussian right the Bavarian 2nd Division moves forward but their advance is slowed by the French cavalry, giving the French 4th Infantry time to deploy. The French C-in-C sends new orders to the French cavalry but a series of low initiative rolls leaves the cavalry stuck in place and suffering heavy casualties from the Bavarian artillery and infantry. However,  the French infantry deploy and in the following fire fight the Bavarians suffer heavy casualties. On the right the French 2nd Division moves through the woods and the French C-in-C rushes to join them and changes their orders to get them to attack the Bavarian 2nd Division in the flank with two regiments, charging out of the woods to hit the Bavarian exposed flank. Under severe pressure the Bavarian 2nd Division looses two regiments and the Divisional Cavalry and is forced to fall back.

At the end of the game the French hold Objectives 2 and 3 but have lost Objective 1 giving them a net 25 objective points and with 80% of their strength points remaining they have 105 points and the end of the game. The Prussians hold Objectives 1,4 and 5 but have failed to take Objective 2 so have a net 40 objective points, they also have 80% of their strength points remaining giving them a grand total of 120 points.