Franco-Prussian War Battle 11

Played in the first week of August 2023, here is another battle in the Franco-Prussian War sequence, courtesy of Tom.

In this game we have gone back to 6mm Franco-Prussian War.

The French force loses the initiative and becomes the ‘Defender’ in an attack/ defence game. In the initial deployment the French position a blind on their far left then the First Division (two regiments & three batteries) close to the built up area on the left, the Second Division (seven battalions, two batteries and the C-in-C) deployed on the central line of communication and the Third Division (four battalions) on their second line of communication with their cavalry division on the far right.

In the next phase the French choose the two crossroads in the centre (one and three both worth 30 points) and the hill on the right flank (40 points). The Prussians choose the hill on their far right (50 points) and the village on the road near their line of communications (25 points).

In the orders phase the French 1st Division has orders to move forward to deploy on the road threatening the hill on the Prussian right to keep the Prussians tied down and to prevent any outflanking. The Second Division plus the C-in-C have orders to take objective 1, then to turn and advance along the road to threaten the Prussian centre. The Third Division has orders to take objective 3 and then the French cavalry division has instructions to take objctive 5 then move round the Prussian left flank to occupy the Prussian's line of supply.

The Prussians deploy their First Division on their left hand line of communication to be followed first move by a dummy blind. The Prussian First Division is deployed on their right hand line of communication to be followed on the first move by their C-in-C and the Corps artillery, and on the second move by their Cavalry division. The Prussian orders were for the First Division, supported by the Corps artillery, to take the hill (objective 4). The cavalry were to sweep round the far right to try and turn the French left flank. The Second Division has orders to move to the crossroads to protect the flank and their two objectives. Their dummy blind has instructions to move to, and deploy on, the hill behind the central wood to delay any flanking moves by the French.

In the game, the Prussian troops on the right are delayed by poor initiative, but still take both objectives as the French do not advance beyond the road. The Prussian artillery is delayed and does not get involved. The cavalry arrives late and the French infantry manage to move infantry down the road to black the flanking manoeuvre.

In the centre, both the Prussian and French Second Divisions move up and deploy,  the French having taken their objective. The French use their superior numbers and superior ranged rifles to bring the Prussians under pressure and eventually start to force their units slowly back. The C-in-C, seeing the pressure on his First Division, takes personal command of two spare infantry regiments from the Second Division and leads them to support that flank.

On the French right their Third Infantry Division and cavalry take their objectives but due to terrain, low initiative and the Prussian dummy blind, it takes them the whole game before they finally reach the Prussian line of communication

So the final result is a convincing victory for the French.