English Civil War Battle 4

This game was played in mid September 2023 at Tom's house. As usual, Tom has graciously supplied the pictures and text.

In this weeks game we went back to the English Civil War.

The players roll a ‘6’ on a d10 for the battlefield control area resulting this being placed in the centre of the table.

In the deployment phase both sides choose a standard deployment with their infantry in the centre ready to move to take the battlefield control area. Both deploy their cavalry on the flanks with the two ‘poor’ commanders facing each other on the Royalist right flank and the two ‘normal’ cavalry commands facing off on the Royalist left.

In the game the two infantry commands move steadily forward towards the battlefield control area. The Parliamentarians have the initiative and reach the control area first, deploying their heavy guns to bring the Royalist infantry under fire as they advance. Seeing the Royalist horse slowly pushing back their right wing cavalry, the C-in-C reinforces that flank by moving infantry into the fields to the right of the control area.

On the Royalist left they aggressively attack the opposing horse, forcing them slowly back. This conflict slowly grows in intensity as more and more units join the conflict. However, the Parliamentary cavalry manage to hold on and are only finally beaten as the game ends.

On the other flank it is the Parliamentary cavalry who are on the attack but the Royalist horse counter charge and force them back and routing them. A regiment of Parliamentary infantry tries to support the cavalry, forcing one unit of Royalist horse back and halting the other. The elite Royalist horse lose their heads and charge into the cultivated area and rout the Parliament forlorn hope only to be forced back by a supporting Parliamentary foot unit.

In the centre a unit of Royalist foot charges the Parliamentary artillery who manage to hold and halt the attack with their fire. The shaken Royalist foot is then attacked by a Parliamentarian foot regiment and forced to retire. The Parliamentary infantry regiment is then attacked by a second unit of Royalist foot but they stand and force this second regiment back.

At the end of the game both sides have four units of infantry in the control area, but both Parliamentary cavalry wings have been defeated, giving the victory to the Royalists.