English Civil War Battle 3

The third of Tom's ECW games that took place in the summer of 2023. Once again I am indebted to him for the following report

In this game Parliament deploys their good cavalry commander on the right, their infantry in the centre and the poor cavalry on their right. The Royalists choose to deploy their infantry on their left with Rupert’s Horse to their right and the Northern Horse to their rear refusing their right flank.

The Royalists order their infantry to move forward then sweep round to attack the Parliamentary right while Rupert's Horse attack their front. The Northern Horse has orders to move and form up to protect the right flank.

Seeing their opponent’s deployment, the Parliamentary commander orders the left wing horse to swing round to attack the Royalist right flank. The centre is ordered to move forward deploying their artillery on the hill and their infantry to advance forward to the hill in the Parliament centre.

In the game Rupert’s Horse rushes forward and hits the Parliamentary cavalry on turn two, routing the Parliamentary trotters and breaking through. In his haste to attack Rupert inadvertently left one unit of cavalry stranded on the hill behind him. The Parliament pistoleers hold their own and finally rout the Royalist horse in front of them. After this, Rupert rallies his remaining horse and leads them to attack the Parliamentary infantry.

On the other flank the Parliament Cavalry move round to attack the Northern Horse on the Royalist right, supported by fire from the heavy batteries on the hill, forcing them back after a prolonged and confused fight.

In the centre the Parliamentary foot push forward into the gap left when Rupert’s Horse charged forward. These support the attack of the two remaining pistoleer units from the right hand cavalry command on the lone Royalist cavalry unit on the hill. The Parlimentary infantry leave three units in reserve who heroically standoff repeated charges from Rupert and his elite cavalry.

At the end of the game the Royalist cavalry were depleted and their infantry arrived too late to save the day.