English Civil War Battle 2

The second of Tom's ECW engagements played in the summer of 2023, this one in mid July. 

In this English Civil War game the Royalists deployed with their elite cavalry under Prince Rupert (C-in-C) on the left with the infantry on the right hand centre and the Northern Horse on the left centre and the right hand flank refused with a dummy blind. The Royalist orders were for Rupert’s cavalry to move forward to attack the Parliamentary right flank with the infantry advancing to pin the enemy and the Northern Horse to protect the right hand of the foot.

The Parliamentary forces deployed with their poor cavalry commander on the left, their infantry in the centre left with their good cavalry commander on the centre right and they also had their right hand refused with a dummy blind. The orders for Parliament were for their right wing cavalry to move through the Royalist centre,  supported by their infantry and the left hand cavalry to hold the flank.

As the game developed, Rupert’s cavalry moved forward with their infantry in support but the opposing Parliamentary cavalry moved towards the Royalist centre, leaving both the Royalist commands with no opposition. The Northern Horse advanced and found that the cultivation in the centre of the table was impassable and were forced to move to their right, leaving their Dragoons to defend the ground.

The Northern Horse then got into a long term running fight with the Parliamentary cavalry. Both sides had poor leaders and the battle was a series of Royalist charges being held and then counter charged by the Parliamentary pistoleers.

In the centre the Royalist cavalry and infantry advanced into the gap in the Royalist position. Ignoring his infantry, Rupert led his cavalry round the right flank to threaten the Parliamentary infantry in the rear. The Parliamentary C-in-C leading the infantry desperately tried to turn to face Rupert’s cavalry. The initial cavalry attack was held up by a single infantry unit with Rupert being unhorsed and losing control for a turn. However, the elite Royalist cavalry charged without orders and eventually broke through and routed five Parliamentary infantry units.

At the end of the game the Parliamentary infantry had been broken. Their artillery had been overrun, leaving their right wing cavalry unopposed in the centre and their other cavalry had driven off the Northern Horse.