Crimean War POW Battle 7

Another 25mm battle in this sequence of Crimean engagements, this one was fought at Tom's placa in late August 2023. Thanks to Tom for the words and pictures.

In this game the British and Russians fight a set piece battle and the British have the initiative. The British deploy their 3rd Division on the hill in front of their line of communication with a Dummy blind deployed to the rear of the hill on which the Light Brigade and the 4th Divisions were deployed, their right between the hill and the river. On the other side of the river are the C-in-C with the1st Brigade and Guards on the right side of the river with two Dummy blinds deployed behind the woods. The Russians deploy their 2nd Brigade in front of their line of communication on their far right. The C-in-C with the Schutzen and heavy artillery are deployed to their left behind the woods with the 3rd Brigade deployed in reserve behind them. The 1st Brigade with the light artillery attached are deployed behind the crest of the hill in their deployment area with the Cossacks deployed behind them. On the far left are the Russian Dragoons.

The British place 30 points on the Hill in front of their line of communication and 45 points on the bridge. The Russians, being ultra conservative, only put 30 points on the hill in their deployment area. The British orders are for the C-in-C with the Guards and 1st Brigade to move and hold the right hand side of the bridge. The Light Brigade is to move forward the bridge to cover the advance of the 4th Infantry Brigade who are to hold the left hand side of the bridge. The 3rd Brigade and artillery are to hold the hill and the line of communication. The Russians were ultra conservative with all their commands on hold orders except for their Dragoons who are to try and turn the British right flank.

For the first few moves the British roll forward with the C-in-C, the 1st and Guards Brigades moving forward to take the right side of the bridge, the Guards taking casualties from the Russian light artillery on the hill. A slight ‘panic’ sets in when the British see the Russian Dragoons moving around their exposed right flank and the British C-in-C rushes over to the Light Brigade and changes their orders to move them over the stream to protect the flank. In the centre the British 4th Brigade moves forward to the left of the bridge coming under fire from the Russian heavy artillery at effective range and suffering one or two hits per bound.

Once the Light Brigade is in position to engage the Russian Dragoons on their flank the British C-in-C moves to the Guards Brigade, instructing them to retire from the bridge to cover the right flank. As they move, a Russian Dragoon unit charges the Light Brigade and forces one of the regiments to retire, only to be charged in the flank by the second regiment and retires shaken off the table. The Light Brigade choose to follow them off the table so they could not be themselves charged in the flank by the supporting Russian Dragoons. At this point the Guards arrive and draw up on the riverbank and engage the Dragoons in long range fire.

The Russian C-in-C finally decides to move his infantry forward and spends the next few moves moving up and down the line changing orders. First, the 2nd Infantry Brigade is ordered to move up the far right flank to attack the flank of British hill. Then, the 3rd Infantry Brigade is ordered to move forward in support of this attack. The Russian 2nd Brigade moves forward in march column and begin their attack on the British hill. The British 3rd Brigade move their artillery to cover their left on the hill and the C-in-C rushes over to move the 4th Brigade from the bridge to the hill in support of the 3rd Brigade on the hill.

The Russians throw one battalion towards the British artillery to take the hits while the other battalions attack the flank of the British line. Over the next few moves the fight develops with two British and two Russian brigades locked in close combat on the hill. At this point The Russian C-in-C finally gets to move the 1st Infantry Brigade and orders them to attack the British 1st Brigade deployed at the bridge with the Cossacks finally moving forward to take some of the fire from the British lines. The 1st Brigade find themselves under fire from five Russian batteries as eight battalions of Russian Infantry start to advance against them.

But the Russians had run out of time and the battle finished.

The Russians held their one objective (30 points) and had 78 percent of their army strength remaining so were at a net 108 points. The British held the bridge and were still disputing their hill (0 points), they had 72 percent of their army remaining so had a net 117pts - so a narrow victory for the British.