Crimean War POW Battle 5

This game was played at Tom's house in mid August 2023. My thanks to him for the following account.

The British win the initiative roll and the Russians get to deploy on table. They place their Dragoons on the far right with the First Infantry Division on their left. The C-in-C deploys behind the hill on the other side of the central wood, with the Second and Third Infantry Battalions to his left and the Cossacks on the far left next to the table edge. The First Division has orders to pass over the hill on its right and to advance and attack the hill on the British left. The Dragoons are ordered to move forward and protect the First Brigade's flank. On the Russian left, the Cossacks have instructions to move round the British right flank, their movement arrow ending behind the fields in the British centre. They assign 30 points to each hill on their side of the table and 40 points to the hill on the British left flank. 

The British deploy their Light Brigade on the far left with orders to move round the Russian flank to the Russian line of supply. Their C-in-C takes his artillery and the Second, Third and Fourth Brigades all on the same blind. The Second Brigade has orders to take the hill on the Russian flank while the other Battalions and artillery provide fire support. The First Brigade is assigned to take the hill on the right in order to cover the line of supply. The British assign 30 points to the hill on their left and another 60 to the hill on the Russian right.

On move one the Light Brigade moves directly onto the table and moves up to the centre of the field. The C-in-C then moves onto the table and the three infantry Brigades then deploy off the blind and take up position to the left of the hill. On the far right the First Brigade moves to the hill and deploys the blind behind the crest. They deploy their ‘Dummy’ blinds, one on their line of communication, another in the fields between the hill and the wood, another moves into the wood in the centre of the table and the last one deploys behind the crest on their other hill. The Russians on move one deploy directly off their blinds and move forward all along the front at maximum speed. 

The Light Brigade charges the Russian Dragoons on move two and break one unit in the first turn. However, the Dragoons then counter charge with their Third Regiment and manage to force the Light Brigade back. After a protracted cavalry battle, the Light Brigade rout the Dragoons, then regroup and spend the remainder of the game moving round the Russian flank and rear to occupy the Russian line of communication.

The British C-in-C deploys his three brigades and artillery between the wood and the hill and bring the Russian First Brigade under a concentrated fire. Over the next few turns the Russian First Brigade gets cut to pieces by the concentrated fire, managing several charges but never able to make contact. By the end of the confrontation the Second British infantry brigade are occupying the Russian hill and Enfilading the remains of the Russian First Brigade,

On the other flank the Russian C-in-C, together with the Second and Third Brigades move forward and come to a halt in front of the hill to the left of the wood. The Cossacks rush forward and manage to move round the British right before they fill the gap between the hill and the edge of the table. The Cossacks then pass over the British line of supply and then come to the end of their arrow.

At this point the Russians get into trouble as their C-in-C rolls a series of ‘1’s for imitative, thus restricting his ability to change orders to counter the British deployment. After several moves they manage to move their Second and Third Divisions behind the wood to threaten the hill behind the British. The problem is that by the time they get to move into position the British have wiped out the Russian First Division and changed orders for the Third Division (Guards) and Fourth Division and deployed them to counter the Russian movement.

At the end of the game both sides had lost their line of supply (-30pts each) and they were disputing the hill on the British left flank (no points to either side). The British held the hill on the Russian right (+60pts to the Brits, -30pts to the Russians), and the Russians held their hill on the left (+30pts). The Brits had 90% of their forces remaining and the Russians had 70%. So at the end of the game the Russian were on 40pts and the Brits on 120 - a major victory for the Brits.