Crimean War POW Battle 13

Fought in the first week of April 2024, this game was another in the long series of Crimean battles that Tom has kindly shared.

This week’s game is a repeat Crimean Game.

The Russians lose the initiative and deploy their blinds on table. They deploy their first infantry brigade (eight battalions) plus three batteries of heavy artillery and light infantry behind the hill on their left, allocating 30 objective points to the hill. The second infantry brigade (eight battalions) is deployed to the right of the hill with orders to move between the hill and the marsh to attack the hill on the British side of the table (allocating 60 objective points) To their left are the heavy dragoons with orders to move towards the British line of supply. A dummy blind was deployed on their line of supply. The light dragoons are deployed to their right with orders to move round the British left flank to circle round towards the British line of supply.

Seeing the Russian deployed blinds, the British decide to deploy all four infantry Brigades (three battalions, each two with an attached artillery battery) on the right side of the table. The British allocate 30 objective points to the hill on their own side of the table and 60 points to the hill on the Russian side of the table. One battalion has orders to move to the right of the Russian hill while two were to move to attack the front of the hill. The fourth brigade is ordered to move around the marsh to attack the left hand side of the Russian hill. The British deploy their light cavalry in the centre with orders to protect the left flank. 

In the first move the British move onto the table with one blind moving to the right of the hill, two moving over the hill and another moving up behind the marsh. The fifth blind (cavalry) are moving up the road with the two dummy blinds moving onto the table on the far left.

In response the first Russian infantry brigade comes off its blind and moves forward, deploying the three heavy artillery batteries and two light infantry battalions on the crest of the hill with the eight line battalions in march column behind the crest. The second brigade also deploys directly off the blind and moves up in a narrow column to move through the gap between the impassable marsh and the first brigade on the hill. In the centre, the heavy dragoons move forward to face the British cavalry while the light dragoons move slowly round the right flank, their movement being slowed until they finally spot the British dummy blinds..

The main fight develops in front of the hill on the Russian side of the table. The British move one brigade round the side of the hill and form line. The Russian C-in-C has to change the brigade orders and the line infantry behind the hill turn to their left and launch a series of charges that manage to force the British back, only for them to rally and reform. However, the Russian weight of numbers prevents the British from moving towards the hill.

On top of the hill the Russian heavy artillery and light infantry inflict heavy losses on the British infantry in front of the hill until they are forced to retire back out of canister range of the guns. The Russian second brigade is delayed as it tries to move through the narrow gap between the hill and the marsh and comes under heavy fire from two British guns, two brigades in front and another enfilading the long Russian columns. However, the Russians finally manage to move round and through the gap left by the retiring British infantry.

On the British left the cavalry perform heroically holding back the the brigades of Russian cavalry, routing several units before they are finally forced slowly back.

At the end of game the Russians had finally managed to get to the hill on the British side of the table and the hill was disputed so neither side got any objective points. So, when the game wound up the Russians had 38% losses but had taken one 30 point objective and were disputing their second objective so had an net 96 points. The British had only suffered 25% casualties, they were still disputing their 30 point objective and had failed to take their 60 point objectives, leaving them with a net 15 points. This time it is a victory for the Russians.