Core Space - the Purge Attacks

More science fiction fun at Tom's place with another episode in the Core Space saga. This game was played in early February 2023.

The crews of the Orion, Poseidon and Dreadnaught were having a break on a local station to top up on fuel and to take the opportunity to get a drink at the bar. But unfortunately the Purge had other ideas and appeared out of nowhere and attacked the station, crippling its main engines and affecting the power systems. Unfortunately the loss of power means the crews' ships are locked in place and they cannot get away unless they can fix the power. So it’s all all-hands to the engineering deck to get the critical systems up and running again before the Purge destroys all life on board.

The three crews make their way down to the engineering deck taking the opportunity to check out a couple of crates on the way to see if they can find any extra weapons to help them fend off the Purge. Brutus and Gan’eek from the Orion enter the engineering room and after checking for some extra equipment head towards the main engine compartment. They are attacked on the way by a group of Purge which Brutus despatches in close combat. After this Gan’eek heads to the nearest computer consol to activate the cargo-bot to collect the radioactive parts needed to fix the equipment while Brutus covers the main hallway to keep the Purge at bay taking the opportunity to loot another crate in the process.

Thoman and Hoskins from Poseidon enter the engine room and decide to search a crate  searching for extra equipment (loot). Two Purge arrive behind Thoman as he exits the room. Hoskins throws a grenade into the room but this does not stop the Purge so she locks the room and they both leg it past Brutus and head to the main engine room. The two Purge chasing them run into Brutus and are quickly despatched. Hoskins heads to the spare terminal and lends Gan’eek a hand with the Cargo-bot and the two of them work rapidly to fix the problem. Thoman takes position behind a barrier covering an entry point for the Purge, managing to despatch a couple, keeping them off Hoskin's back.

Weis and Teelak from the Dreadnaught enter the engine room from the other side. This crew seem more intent on looting rather than fixing the systems and immediately go in search of things to steal. As Teelak checks out the corridor two Purge arrive but he manages to defeat them in hand-to-hand combat before making a hasty retreat. As they enter the main room two Purge arrive and attack Weis who is hit but remains standing. Teelak uses his newly found gun to destroy the Purge. One of the workers approaches Teelak looking for a way off the station and offers to join his crew. Teelack agrees and sends them off to see if there is anything they can take with them. Teelack and Weis then set off to find another room to loot.

Over the next few turns Thoman and Brutus hold off the increasing number of Purge while Hosking and Gan’eek work furiously to fix the engineering problem while Weis and Teelak fight of purge as they loot the various rooms. Eventually the problems are fixed and the crews beat a hasty retreat as the number of Purge grows and Purge assassins also appear to search out the ships' captains. At this point a civilian on the route back to the exit reveals themselves as a ‘Live One’ a leader of the Purge and attacks Thoman as he tries to make for the exit. Teelak and Weis jump to the rescue and manage to bring down the Live One.

At this stage the crews of the Orion and the Posidon leg it to their ships leaving the crew of the Dreadnaught to make the long run to their ship on their own, pursued by a hoard of angry Purge. Their escape is blocked by two Purge harvesters in a doorway in front of them. As the two crew run forward Weis pulls out his gun and manages to down both harvesters with one blast and make their way clear. With a small head start the two of them manage to make the exit and escape.