Core Space - The First Born Arrive

Sue and Tom played their first 'proper' Core Space First Born game in early February 2022. Here is the result:-

Sue and I had another trial run with the new First Born game from Battle systems. In the game Cassie the captain and Hopper, her Robot, entered at the ‘south’ side of the board and Balfor and Wade entered from the ‘north’ side. This time there was a succession of Drones (4 of them at one stage) circulating the table but the team successfully managed to avoid them while each managing to loot one of the four stasis pods. Thing began to get hairy when an event card generated a random extra objective and a series of NPC treasure hunters arrived to look for it.

Cassie grabbed the objective token (worth 20 Credits) and made a run for the rest of her team followed by the treasure hunters using her camouflage skill to avoid them. The Hostility level jumped when the treasure hunters got into a fire fight with a drone knocking it down only to be shot in turn when the next drone arrived.

Wade had a bit of bother when a Rock worm appeared behind him after he had gone of to look an extra case. Then later he had a panic attack emptying his gun into a portal that seemed to open up in front of him.

The team used the ‘chips’ to start up the consol controlling the doors and managed to exit before any more dangerous First Born arrived.

An enjoyable game trying to get our heads around the new aliens. In this game I think we got the drones correct but in the excitement towards the end I think I missed off some extra random treasure hunters that should have been arriving at each NPC phase.

So with another couple of games we should be able to get the difficulty levels correct and we can then introduce our existing crews to this new environment