Core Space - Prisoner Extraction

This was Tom's first Core Space game setup using new doors and windows. The game was played in early January 2022

The two crews have been given a contract by a Mega Corporation to break into a Galactic Corps security installation to extract a target. Now read on.

The crews of the Cygnus and Skylark have a job from their sponsor to free a prisoner from a secure facility in an area threatened by the Purge before they can be moved to high security area where they may be forced to give up information that would risk their employer.

Ivanka Kurganova has called in a favour from the Director of the Galactic Corps whom she and her crew had saved from a Purge incursion. He has issued documentation to allow Malcolm Reynolds to enter the facility to deliver a ‘Prisoner’. To help create a diversion, Malcolm has told Jayne Cobb, one of his crew, to inform some of his local gang contacts to let them know that there may be an opportunity for them to free some of their members from these facilities.

The plan is for Malcolm and River to escort their prisoner (Chewbacca) into the facility and to make their way to the cells to free their target. Ivanka Kurganova will take the control centre to ensue she can prevent the site lockdown and to allow Malcolm and his crew to get away with their target.

So in the game Malcom, River and Chebackka make their was through the security airlock into the main complex using the documentation received from the Director (+2 dice to persuasion tests) and take several moves to make their way through the complex to the cells as the various guards wander around.

Ivanca, Gan'eek and Mimi make their way to the control room, Gan'eek taking the time to loot a rife and an pistol from a crate. The guard in the control room called for help and an additional guard arrives at entry point 5. At the beginning of the next turn an Event Card results in two more guards arriving at entry point 5. Evanka’s crew are approached but the Galactic Guards are unable to do anything while they are questioned, Gan'eek fails his persuasion roll and is forced to hand over the rifle he has just looted.

Malcolm and the crew make it to the cell block and he persuades the guard to let them in and open the door, freeing the target and another Ganger. River releases Chewbacca from his bindings and hands him a gun and combat weapon. A Galactic Guard moves over towards the cell block to see what is happening and River cuts him down with her sword using her combat skills to get +2 dice to overcome the security guard's level 3 armour.

An Event Card is drawn which brings on two devastators at entry point 5. Ivanca and her crew dive into the control room, overcoming two guards, then locking the door behind them leaving the remaining two guards to get into a fire fight with the Devastators.

The hostility tracker reaches ‘Watch your back’ and the Gangers start turning up at entry point one, the Purge begin turning up at point 1 and 5 getting into close range fighting with the Galactic Corps at point 5 and the Gangers at point 1. Ivanka takes pot shots at the Purge at entry point 5 through the window of the control room in support of the one remaining Galactic Guard.

Malcolm and his crew exit the cell block with the two prisoners and begin to make their way back to the exit, River cutting down a Galactic Gurad. Two Devastators enter at point 3 and advance towards Malcolm and his crew as they escape and on the next turn River steps forward and attacks the two Devastators but with three attacks only manages to cut one of them down. But in the Purge phase she uses a reflex skill to dodge the Purge attack and to cut him down. The fighting in the corridor continues between the Purge and the Gangers (eventually the whole of Zeds gang arrive on the table) Multiple Gangers and Purge are killed.

The purge begin arriving at entry point 4 and 6 getting involved in fighting with The Galactic Guards and civilians who begin arriving. An Assassin arrives at point 6 as Malcolm and his crew enter the exit airlock.

Ivanca and Mimi make their way back to their ship leaving Gan'eek in the control room to open the air lock for Malcolm and crew who dash out to their ship as the second prisoner dashes off to join Zeds and his crew at entry point 1. Gan'eek uses two skills pegs to lock entry point 5 to prevent any Purge arriving to block his exit next turn.

The two crews fly off in the confusion as the Purge, Gangers and Galactic Corps fight it out.

In the campaign phase following the action, Malcolm Reynolds had an accident and has to spend the next encounter in the sick bay. Marvin spends the period doing ship repairs using parts from the ships stores. Chewbacca spent time around town and finds some trade goods to trade later. Jayne Cob gets an offer of a kill job on their next mission. River meets up with a Tec fanatic and she gets extra experience points.

Ivanka Kurganova has other business to attend to and is unavailable for the next two encounters. Gan'eek gets into a fight with Mimi and goes off in a huff and is unavailable for the next two encounters. Mimi and Kiori perform ships repairs but Kiori has an accident and has to spend the next encounter in sick bay.

The rumours are circulating about a new race called the Firstborn that have been discovered on the outer reaches and the two crews are thinking of investigating..