Core Space - First Born Mission 3

The next instalment of Tom and Sue's epic adventure in a galaxy far, far away: -

First born Mission 3 – Malcolm and Ivanka are offered a job to protect two Hunters in their expedition.

This time Malcolm decides to go himself and takes Chewbacca with him, while Evanka decides to take Gan’eek with her. On arriving Evanka takes the lead and makes her way through the tunnels to meet up with the Hunters with Gan’eek following behind, Evanka using her glasses to search the rooms as she moves through them. While Evanka meets up with the client, Malcolm and Chewbacca begin to search the Arks and the Stasis pods. The first items Chewbacca finds are an item that allows him to use the camouflage skill and a potion that allows him to replenish his skills. These Items help him salvage items from another Ark and a Stasis pod. Malcolm loots a stasis pod then heads into the centre of the board in search of more loot.

The Media Team arrive as Ivanka meets up with the hunters and interviews Gan’eek and Ivanka and the Hunters make their way towards the worm holes. In the next turn two worms emerge on the far side of the board and in the next move a Drone phases in within short range of the Hunters and Caalgorn opens fire. In the next two turns Caalgorn and his partner Heats treat the area like a shooting gallery, taking down 3 Drones and a Leige in the process, as all hell lets loose.

Meanwhile, two prospectors arrive and make their way to the central room. Their progress is delayed as they avoid the Drones phasing in and out of the central room. The Media Team move from Gam’eek to interview Chewbacca as Malcolm and Evanka make their way to the two remaining Stasis pods.

Things get interesting as the Gold Rush event card is drawn and a NPC objective appears in the centre of the board overriding all non First Born NPC’s objectives. Caalgorn moves over to the Vent where the objective counter can be found and picks it up but before he can make a run for it Bull and Lauri rush into the room and Bull knocks Caalgorn out and takes the objective.

Next turn Malcolm and Ivanka are in a quandary as with Caalgorn down the hunt is over and their pay master has gone. Malcolm uses an artefact to give him the extra movement to get to the door and shoots the Leige blocking their way out. Ivanka follows him. Chewbacca decides to take a more direct route and runs at the wall, using an artefact to phase through the wall taking him into the corridor by the exit. Seeing this Gan’eek, who has found a similar artefact, decides to follow his example.

Meanwhile, a Leige arrives on table and the knowledge die gives them an extra action they use all three actions to shoot at Lauri the prospector causing two hits each time but not managing to penetrate her armour. Bull and Laurie make a run for the nearest exit carrying the loot and Heats runs after them, hitting Lauri twice but still not penetrating her armour.

Unlike their previous expedition the Crews had only seen three Lieges and no Guardians, but next turn everyone on the table goes into a panic and runs for the exit as the ‘Insanity Hit’ event card is drawn – Game End.

The two crews Count their loot. Ivanka has 53UA worth of loot to trade in the campaign phase and has found another 5 points worth of repairs to help keep her ship up to scratch, she also chooses to keep a Bracer and a Teleport item for future missions. Malcolm was pleased that he found the fourth piece to his set of artefacts which he can now cash in for 44UA, with his other items he now has 114UA worth of loot to trade, deciding to keep the raw materials so the crew can make some more accelerated ammunition for River's pistol. Also Chewbacca found an artefact that will allow River to upgrade her pistol to allow her to fire through walls up to medium range.

Mission failed (the Captains agreed that this was the client's fault not theirs) so no aid from the hunters in the next mission. But over all it had been a profitable trip and everyone came out without a scratch.

The Further Adventures of the Crew of the Skylark in the First Born Campaign.

In the campaign phase after the last mission the crew random event was: -

‘An admirer wants to come along, the crew gains a new member, with a base profile and brings no equipment.’

And the campaign phase the Crew go out on the town and Gan’eek get’s the following result.

‘Make a new friend - roll up a new character who may be recruited’

Ivanka looks after her crew well and has installed a crew lounge, medical bay and extra crew's quarters on the Skylark. Not of this is altruistic as the added facilities mean that her crew expenses are reduced by 1UA per crew.

So the writing was in the cards and Sue has rolled up a new character to add to her crew, using a mix of 5 parsecs and Core Space character generation.

Roll a random die to select the base character & Stats from a pre determined list of available Core Space characters. Then roll for a background from the 5 parsecs list before deciding the Core Space Background and Skills options.

We ended up with ....

Han'eek is another 'Ech Triune' from Isolationist Enclave who was thrown out by a rival because of his thirst for power. He has bummed around the Galaxy for a while and has been stranded in a small settlement on a deserted First Born world. Meeting up with Gan'eek, a fellow 'Ech Triune' he decided to join the crew of the Skylark and seeing his organisational skills Ivanka was keen to bring him on board.

So on the next Mission Gan’eek and his new friend will heading down to find Hopper, an abandoned protocol droid, to see if he can bring any additional skills to the crew.