Core Space - First Born Mission 2

The second game in the summer First Born campaign game of 2022. Thanks to Tom for the text and pictures.

Another day in the garage playing First Born campaign to avoid the hot weather.

Second mission in the campaign, this time the two crews have learned their lesson and both have taken a cargo drone to carry extra items. Again Ivanka Kurganova enters the board with Yoko the Psycho Pyromaniac, and Malcolm Reynolds sends River Tam and Jayne Cobb as they are the most fleet of foot.

The game starts with the Dyson reactor coming to life only to shut down the following move. As in the previous game Jayne and River split up to loot while Ivanka and Yoko work together as a team. The two crews set about looting the tomb while avoiding the patrolling drones, River using a key she found on the previous mission to enter the locked room to find the 10UA Dyson Rod. In her searches River finds several items fitting with her status: one was an item allowing her to shoot through walls at short range and a second allowed her to move 1” through walls.

Then the Media Team arrive and this time they interview Jayne Cob, who dashes off just before the patrolling drone shoots the journalist setting off all the alarms. The assistant manages to shoot the drone then tries to carry his colleague from the table, only to be shot down by a League and Iconoclast who arrive on table just as they were about to exit. One drone camera gets away to tell the story.

The Prospectors arrive to mine the ore from the centre of the room, managing to get their work done and ignoring the chaos that was kicking off around them. Two low level Gangers enter the table and move towards the Media team only to get involved into a Fight with the Liege and Iconoclast who cut down both them and the media crew.

In the other side of the board Yoko invokes her camouflage skill to avoid being spotted just before a Liege arrives and moves up to threaten her captain. The next turn Yoko emerges from her hiding place to cut down the Liege from behind, leaving it a pile of burning ash. River cuts down the drone allowing Ivanka to loot the last stasis pod. Finding she has too much look to carry Ivanca calls back her drone which had previously returned to her ship.

While she waits another Liege arrives and she ambushes it from behind the pillar as it closes in on her. She them shoots down another Iconoclast as she waits for her drone. Yoko finds her exit blocked by the fire fight between the First Born, Media Crew and Gangers, so she uses a port anagram she had found to pass through a wall into the central room to head for the other exit.

With their packs full and the numbers of Leige and Iconoclasts increasing, River and Jayne leg it to the exit followed by Yoko, leaving Ivanka waiting for her drone. The drone finally arrives and Ivanka loads her extra loot but the Firstborn are closing in (6 Leige and 4 Iconoclasts). A Leige shoots down her drone and Ivanka takes her revenge, killing the Leige before dashing off the table.

At the end of the game Ivanka and her crew had 70UA of saleable loot and several items to add to her armoury, but had to spend 20UA to replace her drone. Malcolm Reynolds had 69UA of loot and several items to keep until he could get the set in order to get the best prices. In this campaign phase he will see what could be done with the items of ore he had found.

So now we can sit down when things cool down this evening and work our way through the campaign phase I have ‘stolen’ from the 5 Parsecs game.