Core Space - Collect the Goods

This game was played between Tom and Sue in last week of July 2021 and I would like to thank Tom for his very full and exciting account.

Mission Brief: -

A client had some high value goods on a freighter that was attacked by the Purge and the damage they suffered forced them to stop at the planet Effron and the freight unloaded onto the planet awaiting new transport. But due to the Purge threat and the breakdown in law and order the goods are now stuck on the planet. The crews have been given the task of collecting the goods for the client, there are five crates and will be paid 10 Credits per crate recovered.

Under threat from the Purge, the planet is in a state of panic with the Galactic corps focusing on evacuating their Key Staff. So law and order is breaking down and the local gangs and scavengers have started looting. The storage location still has security who will attack any looters.

Opponents - Four Security guards and four workers are operating the depot.

Event Cards - Workers, Gangers, Scavengers, Galactic Corps, Purge and Advanced Purge Cards.

Crates - This is a loot rich environment but all Creates are locked. If opened violently then there is a chance any iten found will be damaged. (roll for each item any hit scored means the item is damaged. The Locks can hacked in the same was as doors. Randomly draw 3 items for any crate opened.

Use the heightened Hostility tracker and the game will start with the tracker in watch your back. When Gangers appear on the hostility tracker roll a die to see how gang gangers are in the group


Due to the chaos the crews cannot take their ships close to the depot so they are forced to land a distance away and use local transport arranged by the client to make their way to the depot to collect the goods.

The crew must report to the depot and present their credentials before they can be directed to the clients. The Crews will be considered ‘friendly’ to Security and workers unless they are caught opening any unauthorised crates.

Campaign map:

2 foot by 4 foot table.

The Crews arrive at one end of the table at the Entrance to the unit next to the offices. And the Goods are in containers are at the far end of the table.

The Terrain is made up of containers, crates, and moving equipment.

The crews of the Skylark and the Cygnus arrive at the Storage depot to collect their client’s goods. Captain Reynolds heads in to the office to show his credentials and to find out where the goods are located. Jayne Cobb heads up to take a covering position on the roof of the building with his sniper rifle. Ivanka Kurganova leads the other crew members and the transport sled into the storage area. At the end of the turn a Purge devastator arrives at the main entrance and opens fire at Marvin who was driving the transport, overpowering his armour and causing two damage. Three gangers arrive at the other end of the depot, which triggered the storage workers to ring the alarm bringing two security guards onto the table.

The next turn Marvin used two skill points to self repair then turned and shot the devastator which had just shot him. Malcolm gets the unit number for the client’s goods and sends the details to Ivanka who lead the group towards the lockup. At the end of the turn two Harvesters arrive at the end of the table and another devastator arrives and begins firing at Marvin again causing another two damage. The security and the Gangers who arrived the previous turn set to and two of the three gangers go down in the fight. Six Gangers arrive on table behind the main building and two more workers set of the alarm bringing four more security guards onto the table.

Jayne Cobb opens up with his sniper rifle and downs three of the latest batch of gangers as they head to intercept the rest of the party. Malcolm Reynolds takes up position behind some crates and drops a grenade on the Devastator shooting at Marvin. Ivanka reaches the Lockup containing the Clients good and opens the doors as the rest of the group move up and take covering positions while Marvin continues to drive the sled. Fights erupt around the depot as the Security Guards rush round attacking the Harvesters and the Gangers breaking into the location. Four more gangers arrive behind crews attacking two security guards who dive to cover behind the crates.

Next turn Jayne opens fire on the gangers downing one before the sniper rifle jammed. Malcolm opens fire on the Gangers attacking the security guards with his grenade launcher wiping them out. Meanwhile Ivanka and her crew empty the locker onto the sled while River gets her gun Drone to kill the latest devastator. Kaori sidles over and uses the confusion to acquire an abandoned sled with three crates on board. The security teams continue fighting the Harvesters as they arrive on the table with casualties on both sides. Two gangers with Jetpacks arrive on table and move to attack the security guards. Jayne Cobb was still on the roof and played a Skills peg and used his spare pistol to down one of the two flyers, the other flier open fire and killed one of the security guards. This turn the workers decide to lend a hand, one of them shooting down the second ganger with jetpack. The second civilian attacks a Harvester with her sledgehammer and destroys it. Ripley in her mechanical loader advanced and destroyed a devastator.

Now fully loaded, the crew members under Ivanka start to make their way back towards the exit with the two sleds. Jayne Cobb climbs down off the roof and takes cover on the steps. Malcolm takes cover behind the crates preparing to cover their exit. The hostility level has ramped up to overtime, this time two Harvesters and two Devastators appear at the main entrance, the harvesters advance as the devastators open fire on Cobb but his armour and the cover of the steps keep him safe. A Purge assassin arrives and charges River who plays two skills pegs to dodge the blow and cuts the assassin in two. The security guards continue fighting the harvesters around the board. Then things get worse as one of the civilians reveals themselves as a live one.

Next turn Jayne Cobb pens fire on the Harvesters and Devastators blocking the entrance taking three of them out in one turn. River uses her gun drone to take down the last Devastator then put two more crates onto the sled as Marvin moved it towards the entrance. Ivanka and Yoko open up with everything they have and after 5 attacks finally manage to take down the live one. After this two more harvesters arrive at the entrance to the depot and move to block the crews exit. Four low level Gangers arrive on the table edge threatening to cut off the Hero’s escape.

With the next event card we discover that Ripley has the secret to destroying the Purge and two Assassins arrive on table to take her down and keep the secret. Cobb kills the two harvesters blocking the exit and Malcolm kills the remaining Gangers with his grenade launcher as the two crews make a run for the exit.

On table the two Assassins attack Ripley, but safely encased in her mechanical loader she takes both of them apart.

The only thing now is for the crews to fly home to collect their payment and to decide what they want to do next using the campaign system I have set up based upon the Five Parsecs from Home rules.