Core Space - another First Born Scenario

This game was played in mid-July 2022 during a mini heatwave. Once again, I am indebted to Tom for the account that follows: -

A game of Core Space with Sue in the cool of the garage to avoid the midday heat. Playing the first scenario from the First born extension, an ideal chance to see what the new equipment can do and try out the expanded rules. So, Malcolm Reynolds and Ivanka Kurganova’s crews move to a new part of the Galaxy to find their fortune.

Ivanka decided to explore herself with Yoko the Psycho Pyromaniac. They decided to stick together as they explored the rooms while avoiding the patrol drones that seemed to be following them. Captain Reynolds instead sent Jayne Cobb and River Tam to explore and they split up in order to cover more ground.

In the second turn, a Media team arrives and interviewed Ivanka before setting off in search of Malcolm Reynolds’s crew. The two crews managed to avoid the patrol drones while grabbing whatever loot they could from the Arks and the Stasis pods. Later on the prospectors arrived to mine a rich seam of ore in the rooms at the centre of the table, arriving at the entry point next to River Tam who was hiding behind a pillar to avoid being spotted by a drone.

After the prospectors had walked off and the drone had moved on, a Rock Worm arrived in the room blocking Rivers exit but luckily for her one of the items she had found was a ‘teleport device’ that allowed her to pass through a wall to escape. Shortly after this another Rock Worm arrived but this was far away from the action and both crews escaped leaving the Media team and the prospectors to fend for themselves.

Overall an nice lightweight introduction back into Core Space after a long break with both crews making it through the game without having to fire a shot. Malcolm Reynolds’s crew cleared 48 Credits with some promising items to investigate while Ivanka gained 13 UA covering her crew wages and upkeep and also some useful items to help with ship repairs.