Combat HQ 1944 - British vs Germans

Tom and Graham played this game in the last week of April 2022 at Tom's house.

This game was a 6mm Combat HQ game set in 1944, A regular British Combined Arms Brigade is attacking an entrenched position held by a German infantry battalion and a company of Stugs, with three mixed companies of tanks and a company of Grenadiers in APC’s in reserve.

The British recon units press forward in advance of the main forces, clearing the German advanced pickets at the crossroads and in the woods on the German right. A recon unit in carriers run into a minefield the far side of the crossroads and suffer casualties only to get finished off by fire from the German infantry dug in at the farm.

The British infantry follow up the recon units with one company advancing up the road and deploying in the centre while the other three companies rush up to the wood on the German right and debus and begin their slow advance through the thick woods.

The British move their 6 pdr A/T guns up to support their centre but get hit by German 120mm mortars with one battery being destroyed and another one pinned.

The British armoured company, advancing up the road on their left, get stalled by the minefield and get shot to pieces by the recently arrived German reserves

The attack through the centre is stalled by soft going that cut the Allied tanks down to 1D3 movement. The also suffered when they got a ‘bad things happen’ result that cut their communications and stopped their bombardment on the German positions. The main Allied infantry attack is stalled by the dense woods and they are cut to pieces when they finally manage to exit the woods. The bright side of the Allied attack was their air support which in two moves wiped out two thirds of the German Panzer Grenadiers as they arrived.

An enjoyable game for both players.