Chain of Command US vs Germans (2)

Another Chain of Command game with Graham. This time it was a standard German platoon versus a standard American platoon on a Patrol Scenario. Both sides had three points to spend on supports, the Germans took an adjutant and a 50mm mortar, the Americans took a sniper.

Both sides rolled a ‘1’ for kick off points and started their patrol phase in diagonally opposed ends of the table where the roads started. In the first turn the Americans managed to deploy an infantry section at each of their jump-of points and a sniper in the tree by the church. The Germans deployed one section in the walled enclosure to protect two of their JOP’s, A second section was deployed at the JOP on the edge of their side of the table with their LMG’s on overwatch.

In the next turn the Americans on the right held fast, not willing to advance to the hedge and receive overwatch fire. The American Senior Leader arrived on table and ordered the other two sections to advance across the fields towards the Germans in the enclosure. The sniper then took a pot shot at the German platoon on the table edge and inflicted a shaken marker. The Germans deployed their third section on the table edge intending to flank the lone American section in front of them.

In the following turn the isolated American section retired back to the building to form a close defence for their JoP, while the American section in the middle of the table moved 15” across the road to support their threatened friends. The American section on the right slowly moved up the edge of the table towards the Church using the high hedges as cover and threatening to flank the two German JoP’s and pinning down the third German section.

For the next few turns the two sides manoeuvred around the table looking for a opening, unable to see each other through the high hedges and unwilling to move forward and to get cut down at close range. The only unit that could see the enemy was the American sniper who continued to shoot causing shock and a couple of casualties.

Finally after much manoeuvring the Americans rolled a double 6, gaining a double phase. Using the opportunity one section leapt the hedge and moved into the field between the two German sections on the left. Over the next couple of turns there was a vicious fire fight over the hedges between the two German sections and the Americans with both sides using their CoC dice to interrupt. The germans were at a disadvantage in having to move and fire to counter the American advance and one of their LMG teams had to continue on overwatch to stop the second American platoon flanking them.

The American Junior Leader managed to rally off two shaken markers before being killed. However, the Senior Leader continued the fire fight and finally the German morale cracked when the lone German rifle section and Junior Leader were routed off table by the weight of fire from the American rifle section and the Sniper.