Chain of Command US vs Germans (1)

Tom and Graham played this one at Tom's house . The photographs and text below come from Tom, for which many thanks.

A Chain of command game with Graham.

The Scenario was a delaying action with the German Infantry attacking with 10 Force Morale and 9 points of support which they used to purchase a MMG team and an infantry gun with a Junior leader. The American Armoured platoon were defending with a Force Morale of 8 and their 3 support points purchased a sniper.

The game started slowly as the Germans deployed all their forces, setting up their IG and MMG to cover the two buildings in the centre of the table where they were expecting the Americans to be defending. The Americans only deployed their sniper team who spent the whole game keeping the German IG under fire. The American mortar spent its time taking ineffectual pot shots against the German MMG.

Once the Germans were set up two sections began advancing up the left flank while the third moved round and headed up the road. The American MMG section deployed at the crossroads and one MMG fired up the road killing the entire LMG team and wounding the Junior leader. The German IG on overwatch fired on the MMG team killing two crew.

The American HQ section deployed behind the house and opened fire on the German platoon exposed in the road, killing one rifleman and wounding the Junior Leader. The German MMG on overwatch opened fire on the American section, killing two men and wounding the Junior leader.

Next turn the two German platoons on the right advanced up the table, the first entering the ground floor of the building with the American sniper. The remains of the German platoon on the road attempted to make a run for cover but the Americas played a CoC die to interrupt, cutting down two more riflemen. The Junior Leader was hit again and this time killed. The German artillery fires on the American MMG team, wounding the junior leader.

Next turn the Americans deploy a second platoon lining the hedge protecting their jump-off point. The sniper took a shot at the IG causing more shock. The Two MMG’s then opened up on the IG killing two more crew and the Junior leader causing the gun to become shaken. The mortar team fired on the German MMG causing a single casualty. The remains of the American HQ squad opened up on the German infantry platoon causing another two shaken markers and pinning the platoon.

At this point the German Force Morale was sinking fast and the game ended.